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7 Bridal Shower Games That Absolutely Everyone Will Appreciate

by Lise Rina
Bridal shower games are something that you need if you are preparing a bridal shower. In this write-up you are offered seven of the prime games employed at bridal showers. 25 more words

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Colorful Residence That Spells Absolutely Nothing But Exciting

Aug 27, 2014 Posted in Interior by Fleur Chauvette 53/100 ~ 153 users
Dazzling Red Chair Next To Contemporary White Kitchen With Elegant Kitchen Island With Bar Stools… 25 more words

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15 Absolutely Romantic Outdoor Decorations

If you are a romantic soul, then you definitely need to check out the following 15 Absolutely Romantic Outdoor Decorations. The perfect place for these ideas is of course somewhere on the beach. 29 more words

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"The ME in me"

“Who are you?” A friend once asked.
Sad as I was, I had no reply,
Because the ME in me was afraid to-
Discover the ME in me that refused- 85 more words


Today Absolutely Stinks

Today absolutely stinks

I won’t miss it a bit

When tomorrow finally comes

The only solution

Is to stamp it


And let it go. 18 more words


Feeling Her Oats @GiaGunn

“Absolutely” has been forever changed for RuPaul’s Drag Race fans due to this fishy queen, Miss Gia Gunn.

RuPaul's Drag Race