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From a new perspective: Goya's deafness

Based on a fragment from The Sleep of reason.

The sleep of reason, Antonio Buero Vallejo’s theater play based on Goya’s etching of the same name, was published in 1970; however, the author decided that the internal setting of the action should rather take place in 1823.   441 more words


Lexographical nightmares

While volunteering at the Book Thing- I get a amateur’s eye view of the categorization of literary works. To me this represents a deeper  tendency to navigate the world through the philosophical disambiguation and reduction of complex and ambiguous realities. 654 more words


The reasons behind religious absolutism and how we can combat them

I was asked once whether religion had done more harm than good in history. “More good, but it’s close,” I replied.

However, the same might be said of many human institutions – governments, the police, the military, the press – and much depends on the time and place in question. 172 more words


News from Karen Leach: “It's more about fundamentalism than about diet”

In the latest BFOE newsletter responding to Richard Sagar‘s outline of the case for a vegan diet, Karen made the case against a vegan diet: 345 more words

Karen Leach

El sueño de la razón /// The sleep of reason

GOYA - (Lo mira de reojo y se decide a hablar.) No he vuelto a divisar hombres-pájaros, si es lo que preguntaba (Aquiescencia de Arrieta)

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Literary Evenings

On Idealism

My politics are not comparable to those of a great majority of Americans’.  I identify as a Socialist because I don’t want to give false impression of moderation.  451 more words


The Pitfalls of Absolutism

I knew, going into February, that there would be two free days where drinks would be consumed: February 1st and 15th.

February 1st was a party that had been scheduled long before I came up with my year long wacky scheme. 849 more words