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Suis-je Charlie? My Free Thoughts about Free Speech

 Fr.Guillermo “Memo” Campuzano, C.M., currently serves as Priest Chaplain for DePaul’s Catholic Campus Ministry.  He has worked on behalf of social justice on several continents and often works with religious communities around issues of faith and mission.   532 more words


First Offence

A large theme in my upcoming novel is what this post is about. I am the proud owner of a relativistic world view when it comes to society and especially problems concerning morals. 1,098 more words


Ayaan Hirsi Ali - Islam's Absolutism and Cult of Victimhood & The Religion of Peace

In this wonderful video the gorgeous Ayaan Hirsi-Ali refutes the much-promoted concept of Islam as a religion of peace. She stresses that the religion has been so successful because of a combination of Jihad (Holy War) and Conquest. 1,750 more words


The Underlying Premise

There is an underlying premise behind all of our premises. Some people start with the premise that there is a God. Some people start with the premise that there is no God. 798 more words


The Society of King Charles the Martyr.

First off, The Society of King Charles the Martyr was founded 1894 as ‘a Church Defence Union under the banner of the Martyr-King.’ The SKCM is actually the oldest society that is associated with Charles Stuart. 352 more words

Live and In Colour

In case you were wondering: yes, I am as awkward on camera as I am in person. 82 more words

Daphne In Denmark

Essay Q: Religious/Political Comparison of 17th Century France/England

Over the course of the 17th century the political and religious journeys of England and France took each country in quite different directions. Years of civil unrest and religious warring forced England to develop a Constitutional Monarchy with a preached, if not practiced, policy of religious “toleration”.   220 more words

Dorene Kirkingburg