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Yay! Social Networks. Ugh! Social Networks.

These days everybody has their profiles set upon social networks, I don’t even have to say it louder. So you all have various friends and non-friends in your friends list. 235 more words




Yes, this is an age of technology when around every corner you can see some form of electronic item. But I still think that there is nothing better than a really good book once in a while. 393 more words


Deep down she knows she’s hurting. Deep down she is struggling. She is fighting to be noticed in a world of people who claim to be better than her. 149 more words


The Right Way to Get to Know Yourself


Seeking your “authentic self” is like looking for a unicorn. Try this instead.

Published on June 13, 2014 by Peg O’Connor, Ph.D. in Philosophy Stirred, Not Shaken