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Vitamins in Pill Form vs.Isotonics: What Are the Benefits

There are many advantages to supplying your body with Vitamins in the Isotonix form. Unlike people vitamins will not wait in line for a shuttle. If one is unavailable, they will move down the digestive tract to eventually be eliminated in our waste. 138 more words

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I Am Here- I exist

We thrive on communication with others… the drive to be heard..to be acknowledged.

I am here..I exist.

In this busy world are we drifting away from empathy…unintentionally dismissing genuine compassion for those around us? 421 more words


Like a Flash of light

She sat wondering, trying to solve her mystery
every moment of blissful experiences became a history
why every second of misery became a part of her…
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The fake life in distraction land

Distraction. Somehow I forgot about it or it went to a place in my mind that it was labeled ‘unaware’ or ‘unaccessible’ for a while. By reading a post about distraction from… 657 more words