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David Cameron to abstain in Palestine statehood vote, a Genetic Psychopath

This leader like most is clearly a Genetic Psychopath, his abstention bears the hall marks of a mentally deranged person dressed up really well.

Meanwhile his colleagues in the Conservative Friends of Israel are going around threatening ministers in a bid to get them to vote in favour of apartheid, as are the Labour and Liberal Friends of Israel. 165 more words

Is It Possible To Be A Virgin Till You Get Married?

Hello to all you awesome young people!

I was 14 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior. He washed me clean and I had a new start! 606 more words

Life In Africa

The Bible and Alcohol

Does the Bible Truly Forbid Alcohol?


The Bible forbids Christians to partake in a myriad of things, but is alcohol one of them? 649 more words


Sexual Desire's Conquest Over Relational Connection

I’m relatively unsuccessful in romantic love. I use the word relative since I have in fact been in romantic love for a very brief, very confounding period of my life. 790 more words

Monday Realization

8:00 am: *Ringgg*. I awoke to the sound of my cellphone. I didn’t mind though, it’s Carlos.

“Hello?”, in my real bedroom voice.

“Where are you”? 338 more words