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No Mas Café

At least for the next 15 days! Big events in my life tend to show up on my face. Ever since I was a teenager, excitement beguiles me! 198 more words

Day 279

Pushing my luck sex.  ~10:30am

I guess my problem is that I like to push the envelope too much.  After the intense pain last night, I was (foolishly) optimistic enough to think that if we just had sex often, it would get better.   98 more words

Dry July: The perfect excuse to abstain without feeling left out

Dry July may have turned into another campaign to raise funds for cancer sufferers, but fundraising was not behind the creation of this teetotaling month, and nor is it the prime motivation for most people signing up to this entire month without booze. 707 more words


Mengkritik gak sama dengan menghakimi...

Bacaan pertama sangat aktual: banyak orang sudah dibaptis tetapi gaya hidupnya lebih mirip dengan gaya hidup penyembah berhala (konsumerisme hedonistik, fanatisme fundamentalistik, maupun absolutisme ideologis… 372 more words

Daily Reflection

Love Games Zambia in relation to mediated public sphere

On this post, I will talk about a series show in my country called Love Games which is about the HIV/AIDS virus and how it has brought about so much sadness in our society due to growing number of deaths it is causing. 280 more words