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Feeling beats thoughts

there i go again.
i try to abstain,
but pleasure overwhelms
better judgment.
this goes to show,
i feel more than think.


iFast from iPhone

Today I checked another item off my bucket list; one full day without my cell phone, or social media.

I’ve been meaning to do it all summer, but I kept putting it off. 714 more words

Day 280


I thought we should follow the good doctor’s advice and abstain for a week.  At the same time, my period’s started as well.  Perfect timing?

No Mas Café

At least for the next 15 days! Big events in my life tend to show up on my face. Ever since I was a teenager, excitement beguiles me! 198 more words

Day 279

Pushing my luck sex.  ~10:30am

I guess my problem is that I like to push the envelope too much.  After the intense pain last night, I was (foolishly) optimistic enough to think that if we just had sex often, it would get better.   98 more words

Dry July: The perfect excuse to abstain without feeling left out

Dry July may have turned into another campaign to raise funds for cancer sufferers, but fundraising was not behind the creation of this teetotaling month, and nor is it the prime motivation for most people signing up to this entire month without booze. 707 more words