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Portrait of the Artist (Act III and IV)


Drop your throat
To hear me poem
Silent moons into loud paintings
To remind you of my body

My fists are full of
Chameleon flowers and reveries… 171 more words


Seagull in the Sand ...

‘Seagull in the Sand’
18 in x 24 in
Acrylic On Watercolor Paper
AnneMarie Graham 2014


Evolution of a project - Flores Theatro

“Bouquet Eleven Session Three # 10″

-from the Collection Flores Theatro-

This is a new photograph for my ongoing series, “Flores Theatro”.  Interestingly, what began as a whimsical soft focus series has evolved into a more contemporary pop art style of work. 7 more words


"Quarry" by Sterling Arthur Leva

I invented time travel for one purpose and one purpose only: to murder Jackson Pollock.

When that glorified finger-painter hit the scene, he opened the door for every talentless dribbler to proclaim, “I’m an artist, man!” The effects of his work would be long-term and nefarious, indeed: technical skill, diligence, and honing one’s craft would become largely irrelevant as malformed clusterfucks of color gained prominence. 487 more words


Poster - Mandala (updated)

Mandalas are made to illustrate the path towards enlightenment using the teachings of the Buddha.  Their intent is supposed to be completely selfless, which is why I’ve decided to donate any commission I earn from this piece to charity. 20 more words


Macro Photography : Kiwi Seeds by lkaldeway

Experimenting with light in my macro shooting. Kiwi slice placed on a plate of glass balanced on two Rice Krispies boxes with a light underneath. The rest of the kiwi was eaten with relish (I don’t mean the condiment).