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“We are tempted into thinking ourselves in peculiar situations. If you look closely, man’s found himself in the same sort of situations from the beginning. 123 more words


El Lissitzky on "pangeometry" and art (1925)

In the essay A. and Pangeometry  El Lissitzky analyses the changing role of perspective in art and introduces axonometric projection (or parallel perspective) as a new means to represent and perceive space. 3,201 more words



Ever since I started working with you, all words seem like too much. I want to pare back until I find the essence. I don’t want to talk around it but sometimes I don’t know how else to do it…I just keep staring and pointing like a fool. 7 more words


MONDRIAN & HIS STUDIOS, Tate Liverpool → 5 October 2014

Duč pêntr Pit Mondrian (1872–1944) z rnând az wn v ɖ most impwtnt cntribytrz t ɖ dveḷpmnt v abstracšn at ɖ bginñ v ɖ 20ʈ senčri, n hiz stunñ n influenšl wrcs r reċgnîzd bî evrwn fṛm ātluvrz t stydnts v ācitecčr n grafic dzîn. 682 more words

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