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To show yourself as you hope you are.


Maya (2)

Percayakah bahwa maya dapat menjadi nyata?
Hidup, menghembus nafas, bertutur kata
Di hadapanmu, begitu jelas
Tapi apabila ku raih, apa mungkin ku dapat?


Absurd Books of the Week

I was recently given links to two of the most absurd pieces of literature I’ve ever laid eyes on (avert your eyes, children).

As far as I can tell, this little morsel of biblio-beastiality was written unironically. 248 more words


Those who are on the schneid

It has been my experience that there are two kinds of people in this world:
• Those who use their turn signal and those who don’t have to because their mother said so. 656 more words



A clouded and constructed thing that can only be relied on to produce a decision one has already made.

A gap wholly filled by divide.

i think, and feel, that i’m stuck repeating myself. my expression has slightly changed, although the words and images carrying my idea(s) have altered. i’ve learned and used new words and imagery, yet the underlying message has remained the same. 52 more words



Here lies the culmination of my time in an Irish summer filmmaking program: Seabird.

I wanted to spend my time exploring Ireland, not getting sucked into the sort of shooting and editing that characterized much of time at home. 117 more words