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From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 26

An echo resounds off the walls of the empty cathedral. Still in its glory, no longer does any come to look in its architectural glory. It towers well over head reaching towards the heavens. 320 more words

Getting cocky, eh? - 2014

I can’t put the cigarette down
the pavement is not a place for it
but will I keep it in my hands
till it burns through my skin? 99 more words


The red-haired man

There was once a red-haired man who had neither eyes nor ears. He had no hair either so he was called “red-haired” only theoretically.He could not speak since he had no mouth.

86 more words


under the sky
in the trees
with no one

inquisitive and quiet
wandering and still

contentment is everywhere
calm is nowhere

chaos is just a word… 8 more words


Hay kawan :D

Setelah masa hibernasi sambil menstruasi yang diikuti dengan ramadanisasi ditambah reboisasi (?) akhirnya saya memutuskan untuk memanfaatkan blog gak jelas ini untuk keperluan yang lebih gak jelas :v… 1,149 more words


Who Am I To You?

I heard you call me a slut once. You only think I’m a slut because I refused to giggle at your shockingly inappropriate sex jokes at work that one day. 186 more words


The trousers of regret

I feel the need to talk about pants.

When speaking of pants, one might talk about the color, the material or the zipper. One might even fall into a discussion about when it’s vital to wear pants, or when it’s not okay to play with the zipper. 664 more words