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Can I borrow your astonishment?

if you promise to keep it out of water, hum to it regularly, carry it around in silk, construct toys with it by your own hand, feed it anxiety medicine if it asks, fuel it with new ideas and images, never show it the same thing twice, keep the cats away from it, only surround it with interesting people, never let it rest, introduce it to your parents eventually, then yes. 27 more words


Up the Yingo

Studying proverbs of dead wise men won’t make you wise.

Fact: Chinese proverb* writers never studied. They just said the first thing that came to mind. 683 more words


From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 28

Here I and you set our stone of remembrance. It will stand until the weather deems it to go away, and then you and i will return and lay yet another stone, for this must be remembered. 291 more words


What’s up with technology? Like how come younger generations have no issue adapting? How come older people are technologically handicapped?

This thought came to mind : My parents have had a computer for as long as I have. 129 more words


Waking Up

Woke up in a world warm and missing all periods and I am new but old porque el mundo es um sonho

The Philosophical Breakdown

There are certain places my philosophy breaks down entirely.

Like last night.  In the pool.  I was aiming for 1.5 miles.  I’m not the fastest swimmer in the world.   173 more words

Random Observations

From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 27

Must now I go and much I go to learn and understand and know. Then to speak of what I learn and understand and know. I wish to be an open book to all who seek my counsel and wish, as I do, to learn and understand and know. 150 more words