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5 Critiques of Internet Feminism

Internet feminists are generally a very prickly, insular group. As far as the ideological groups I’ve participated in (from Fascists, Communists, Anarchists, etc.) I’d say they are by far the most unwelcoming and unwilling to talk about their beliefs on a level beyond five minute sound bites (wage gap, rape in colleges, etc.). 2,200 more words


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A detailed account of what "feminism" tends to really mean on the internet. Nicely written and worth a read. For reference: This thread on the ZBB is very relevant.


by Joe Buonfiglio

All right, settle down class.  Welcome to Absurdism 101.

Now, it’s a safe bet most of you are here because of the deal I cut with the football coach.  1,482 more words

Joe Buonfiglio


Ten hundred years ago, in deepest darkest somewhere, a knight tries to cross a bridge.

Sound of hoofbeats slowing down then stopping.

B: Good-day dear sir! 232 more words


Secure, cover, conceal, fear and protect. hope.

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I Don't Do This For A Living

I do not earn any money whatsoever from writing utter drivel on the interwebs, but imagine how weird and absurd I would be if I DID earn a living for writing this stuff! 57 more words

Because girls won't work...

So this really funny thing happened the other day while we were sitting watching TV. My mom told me that an earlier news report stated that open merit for government medical colleges was being finished in Pakistan. 435 more words