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Tongue, Mud, Listen, Hidden

I guess I’ll do whatever I want.
As long as I go to work every weekday
Don’t miss too many days
Don’t pay my bills too late… 367 more words


Almost back on track..

Well, our boss hasn’t been feeling well the last week or so which means we didn’t get anything accomplished. Rayven Ire Publishing is ran out of her house so when she isn’t feeling good, we get a vacation. 103 more words


Meeting Leviathan

“So what exactly do I call you? Am I supposed to go, like, yo, Leviathan, or do I kneel and go O Leviathan, or do I just go hey dude or what?” 2,090 more words


Sunrise Follows

This is going to be somewhat oxymoronic coming on the heels of a post about how I don’t like religion, but I unabashedly want a world in which magic is entirely possible.   830 more words


Moribund Stomach

Moribund stomach,
burnt ornito root,
always green in the calcareous room,
representing the crime of murder
the offence of fratricide,
pusillanimous between swift steeds,
fast in the sustained windiness of D minor. 541 more words


Kala Grammar

Today is a good day. I am proud to present to you a downloadable PDF of the current Kala grammar. It will, of course, change and be revised but this is about as much as can be explained about how Kala works. 88 more words

words #1

a barrel
cold metal
but aren’t you feeling inspired?
shooting your words like the bullets

some will miss
some will probably hit

and when they hit… 38 more words