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Absurdity: Practical Responses

After exploring the works of Erwin Wurm for ‘One Minute Sculptures’, Absurdity was communicated explicitly within the images, due to the placing of ordinary items, in out of the ordinary situations. 187 more words


Let's say this is funny

I hate it when a writer starts to explain something and says “Unless you’ve been living on Mars and don’t know that the Boer War is over…” Or “Unless you’ve been living on Mars and don’t know that Vincent Black Lightning is not a reference to a guy named Vincent Black Lightning…” Or “Unless you’ve been living on Mars and don’t know that in the play Hamlet, everybody dies…” 588 more words


80% of the crew ended up gnawing their own feet off.


We set sail for the Ivory Coast of Africa with the intent on inspecting some diamond mines. The weather on the trip was unexpectedly brutal, animal and unpredictable. 511 more words


'Language Of Food'

‘Language Of Food’ Reveals Mysteries Of Menu Words And Ketchup

“The words we use for everyday foods contain clues to their origins and hint at their ancient travels across the globe as they merge, fuse and sometimes take on different forms altogether.”

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Beam out from within, fill up with warmth, surge.

Blog Writing


Adults don’t know how to talk to children.  We bend over and ask “what are you learning in school” because once it’s behind us, we think of childhood as a foreign territory: children as being something other.   454 more words


Somebody Did Something Then The People Came #258 A video blog with robots as actors and social media content. One year long daily updates: http://ift.tt/1jEW9R4 —- Please support this project: … 14 more words