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Israel or Palestine? Neither

I’d like to thank the rest of my species for never running out of problems for me to solve. Although if you guys could do so a little less violently than the whole Israel-Palestine mess that’d be fantastic, thanks. 2,109 more words

How To

Afternoon Oddness

Sometimes imagination can be problematic. It is far rarer for a lack of imagination to be the cause of the problem, but such was the case when the life of Lord Barrington Pheasant is taken into account. 582 more words

The Color Question

I think about race.  I think about race in terms of what I write; not my in-my-own-naval blog posts on philosophy, interpersonal ethics, and philosophy, but when I’m writing fiction. 433 more words

Random Observations

From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 23

You go where you please, I no longer wish to be in your company. You bring me much grief and displeasure. I wish for you to stay, but not in your present state and condition, a more apt term. 382 more words

Behind the Truth Door and some Pics from LA

I’m sitting with my back against the truth door. It’s a wooden green door without a handle and the Mexican that sold it to us parted with it easily. 1,381 more words


Tragedi Pasword WiFi

Kalian tau wifi kan? Pasti udah pada tau lah, wifi itu seperti bagian utama anak anak gahoel. Nah ini cumi mau cerita beberapa tragedi yang terjadi antara cumi, wifi , dan sinyal. 394 more words


Desktop Goodies 7/25

I apologize if I’ve posted some of these before. I forgot to clean out my “desktop goodies” folder and I may be repeating myself (though I don’t… 141 more words