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Let's Face It...

Let’s Face It, Language Learning Isn’t Easy

There will undoubtedly be people who disagree with my assertion – there usually are. Some people will naturally find language acquisition easier than others – and that’s alright – but it doesn’t seem fair to a less experienced or less confident learner to hold them to the same standards, or expect them to hold themselves to the same standards.

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Come Lady Death

As if she needs an invitation.  A proper lady makes everyone else wait.  Not long, mind you, but just long enough to remind everyone who is in charge. 995 more words



Cannibals, lean as the letter L after the Lent,
love to meet the children that scale scattered lampposts sown by aliens,
anomalous in height, love to see… 89 more words


Communication (Nonsense)

I explained, methodically,
and with relevant examples,
although he didn’t seem to understand
what I meant when I said
that my poem was “about language” 22 more words


Maya (3)

Kamu itu,
asaku yang terlampau tinggi
atau justru
sekat ini yang menjemukan?

Suatu yang kau harap dapat, mungkin justru kau gagal gapai

Dan tetap menjadi maya.


The Devil is in the Details

The gas tank is a quarter full.  Save a drive home from the airport and a second round trip, that’s 300 some miles of back and forth to the hospital. 1,440 more words