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let the trumpet moo

For years
polar bears have been planning
to put into a shredder
the mustache of a fingerless
trumpeter. I am late,
and the streetcar has left the stop. 63 more words



The girls in summer dresses
Are strolling in the streets
The man you ask the questions
Hands out answers just like sweets

But he answers you in riddles… 177 more words



It is the only certainty and should be seen as reassuring.


God exists, even if he doesn't.

This god you worship where did he come from, who is he? When those who believe in a god are forced to defend their belief it comes down to a few questions by those who don’t believe. 175 more words

Free Write-Open Topics

And that's a wrap!

Okay, Eden’s Gate Chapter Two is in the Amazon review process. It should be ready sometime today, we think. Unless, of course, something is wrong with it and then we will be getting nasty messages from Amazon. 90 more words


Workshopping a Suicide Note

“It’s a good first draft. Maybe play around with the ending, and try to raise the stakes for the main character. It’s close. Okay, let’s move on to the next piece. 1,768 more words