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I Don't Do This For A Living

I do not earn any money whatsoever from writing utter drivel on the interwebs, but imagine how weird and absurd I would be if I DID earn a living for writing this stuff! 57 more words

Because girls won't work...

So this really funny thing happened the other day while we were sitting watching TV. My mom told me that an earlier news report stated that open merit for government medical colleges was being finished in Pakistan. 435 more words


The connection, the umbilical cord, the grit and feel of everything.

Blog Writing

I called myself "The Puncher".


I have the strong sense that with each change of seasons comes a new, fresh outlook and a clear view on life, on love and on the future. 249 more words


Baby With No Butthole - Hypothetical Situation

Someone brought this hypothetical situation up after reading some Chinese tale about a baby with no butthole: If you’re alone with your baby in some faraway shack, hundreds of miles from civilization. 780 more words


Posting Perdana

Selasa 30 September 2014, 02:38 WIB

Ini postingan perdanaku. Aku baru instal aplikasi wordpress di Galaxy Mini ku, trus aku buat akun ini trus aku posting disini. 25 more words