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From a Notebook Lost: The Same and The Other 42

Is this continuum contingent on a goal, point, reason, meaning, purpose? Do I set the confines of this problem, situation? Have I set the boundaries which cannot be crossed and nothing set up against them? 313 more words

Frequently Asked Questions: The schneid

Editor’s note: In the previous post “Those who are on the schneid,” I grievously presumed the term “schneid” was commonly understood among those who commonly understand things. 813 more words



Living as yourself in every situation and knowing that is fine.


Red carpet event

This week is probably the busiest week I will have all year. It started off on Monday with finishing one puppet workshop. I had done a six week course at Toi Ora, an art trust that works in the mental health sector. 124 more words



To show yourself as you hope you are.


Maya (2)

Percayakah bahwa maya dapat menjadi nyata?
Hidup, menghembus nafas, bertutur kata
Di hadapanmu, begitu jelas
Tapi apabila ku raih, apa mungkin ku dapat?


Somebody Did Something Then The People Came #239 A video blog with robots as actors and social media content. One year long daily updates: http://ift.tt/1jEW9R4 —- Please support this project: … 14 more words