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The Need-To Read (214)

Every once in a while, to think absurd-

After reading something word for word.



It takes a worried (i.e., certifiable) man

As I sit on the sun-warmed dock at this vacation lake deep in the North Woods to the north, I struggle with mixed feelings: In a way, I feel as cool as yesterday’s gazpacho, as mellow as wet cement, as laid back as road-kill, (post-rigor mortis). 687 more words


Iya gak sih ?

Assalamualaikum warohmatullahi wabarakatuh ~

Konbanwaaa Hominaaaaa ^^~

Udah lama ya gak nulis dimari lagi :V muhehehe, sebenernya lagi gak ada inspirasi #emanggapernahadainspirasi-_- , tapi tiba-tiba ada pemikiran sekelebat aja yang muncul.. 397 more words


give me happy or give me hell

You delivered food to my door. Our eyes never met. You read the receipt. “The total is $33.06.”

I gave you $40 in bills, and then handed you just over $2 in change as I asked for a $5 back. 489 more words


Boner Killer

“I was dating this chick whose mom had passed away when she was little. One day we ended having sex and losing our virginity to each other, and in mid sex she looks up at me and says, “My mom’s watching down on us right now.” 53 more words