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In Light of The Dark

Remember nothing
Forget nothing
Search and searching-
Is this something or is this just bliss
Is there something beating in our chests
Blinded by the bright lights… 53 more words


Transcending Their Pages

Glorious swirls that shut in the dark
Shut in the light
These introspective verse
Prose challenging the form
Breathing and bring itself for-itself to the for… 40 more words


zounds! said he
j’accuse! said she
(butterfly said he
i rather lay said she)

j’accuse said he
zounds said she
(beautiful penis said he
handsome clitoris said she) 43 more words


Unconditional Lust (At Least I Had Won)

Intrinsic value far more
Much more
For the monetary sacrifice from a friend
For the intrinsic sacrifice to reciprocate a monetary gesture
It shall never equate… 93 more words



The alley. Gray like gangrene. Overcast day.

Was supposed to meet the guy here.

Strange name. Never forget it.

Ten minutes late.

Started to leave. The guy rounds the corner. 513 more words


Grow a garden in my flower, raise a forest in my tree...

Grow a garden in my flower
Raise a forest in my tree
Throw a river in my pebble
Find a desert in my spring.

See a pillow in my needle… 138 more words

Matte Sunburst

Silk and satin
Matt velvet
Matt pink
Soft and subtle
Passing fingers through the timely sands

The white and black
The ink and the page… 8 more words