Tags » Absurdism

Visage of Red

Dripping slowly from quivering lip
A taste of life and death
The dew of droplets
Quenching thirst
Taking life
And feeding life

Time in exchange… 21 more words


Childish Circus

Well step right up madam or sir
The genetic pool with bobbing apples
Shall fate or fortune decide
Or rather another ride

Side by side… 26 more words


Such Trivialities

Do I have an argument
as to the what nows
and the how nots?
Of course I do.
But I will not
waste your time… 24 more words



Strapped into latex and plastic
Pleasures never-lasting
Although nature persists
She martyrs some thing more for a little less

The chains of social constructions a mere jest… 14 more words


Taketh Away

Cut short before a shattered development
The uncaring populace
Laced,lathered in undeserved suffering

Is this punishment or the cursed blessings of the never to be known… 18 more words



That familiar notoriety
With infamous infantry
Legacies eventful kingdom
And swinging sways such incestuous
Indulgences indignant eternity