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I am a farce, an epigram and an irony

I am a farce, an epigram and an irony.
I am a joke, an anecdote and a parody.
I am a fable, a myth and a fantasy. 369 more words

X. What Then?

Pondering continuosly to further the project or projects they know not.
The ‘I’ to perceive it’s own perception, ends finitely out of reach.

What then of trust and what then of love? 57 more words


Fragmeant: Boomerang Sanctity

As I explode each day,
Small shards of something-in-particular
Fly from me,
Propelled by the sudden, childlike hatred.
Please, hold onto these,
As they’re all I have. 358 more words


Tongue, Mud, Listen, Hidden

I guess I’ll do whatever I want.
As long as I go to work every weekday
Don’t miss too many days
Don’t pay my bills too late… 367 more words


Bottom Up Migraines

Drunk little junkie
Muddled and muddy
Soaked and sudsy
Hope in the hopeless
Facing sobriety
We’re donating for doses
If time were like blood
Warmth in the snow… 21 more words


Warm breezes
Cool air
A carnivorous festival
A festive carnival
Scraping off each barnacle

The oracle rising
Enticing every article
Shedding shredding each particle



Purple bells hung weary
In the springy summer jest
Sauntering upon their stained carpet
Cling upon rubber and metal
The Hallowed blacks and yellows
Engraving colonial epitaphs… 12 more words