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Catholic Workers: We Do Nice Things, But We Are Not Nice People

My farewell to living at Maryhouse, the New York City Catholic Worker (CW) founded by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin in 1933.

What is a Catholic Worker? 1,976 more words

Conversational Miss Herrings Part XVIII

Take a trip down angry men with Cranbrook pizza and the happy neck of scoring for England/Wipe the blood from your white well-endowed and white drown and un-dip the football/Brie and onion marmalade broke bus battered mushrooms/Please do not put loss on the fire/That’s in my head at the moment, carrots playing dice/Columbia: An Exercise in Fatality/Tamworth: Capital of Cunty Music/Here comes The Fall, would you be there to applaud the Russian twin of Caipirinha: Absolut Vodka, fresh limes & sugar mixed with crushed lice?/I had to use petrol sauce on my shoes for my feet/Head banning is a great exercise for giving head bang if you agree/And I miss you like the desert’s mister vain/For screaming times and updates visit greatbritishsummer14.com/She couldn’t be manager, but her boss is bald/Smarmy she wrote/I hate racing trolls presenting a packet of weed smelling of Ghana/My sister and her boyfriend – or her Beyonce shall I say – have got another French birthday to go to/Hey seamsters, hey, hey seamsters! 265 more words



woke up
checked his
subatomic clock

saw he
was late
for his interview
ran time backwards

realized they
were looking
for a
woman… 6 more words


Entry: July 27 2014 1:25 PM

The sad truth of life is that our lives are pointless and we are all unimaginably insignificant… Sort of like, ants on a sidewalk. We are worth absolutely nothing and everything we work for in life means nothing. 479 more words

Alexandra Pinel's what the heck is this, karate?

As a millennial in the city, I often feel pulled in many directions at once. Dance class beckons, but so does afternoon brunch. Should I read a book on the subway or scan New York Times articles on my iPhone? 576 more words

Contemporary Dance


I was writing a poem
but it moved

to the verandah
where it was
taking in some sun
sipping a wine spritzer

when asked… 27 more words


Santa Sangre

"Without me you are nothing. No one sees you and
no one notices you. Just like your stupid hero."
- Concha
Dir: Alejandro Jodorowsky                        DoP: … 57 more words