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Albert Camus: The Fall - Review

I feel almost unfair giving this 3 stars. The beginning I loved. The middle I loved. But the ending frustrated me so much. I could see glimmers of genius but I just couldn’t fully get to grips with what the book was trying to say. 140 more words

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The Work of Albert Camus

by Ian Schwartz

Albert Camus was born in French Algeria on November 7, 1913 during World War I. His poor and illiterate mother raised him single-handedly, as his father was a soldier and killed in 1914. 1,299 more words

Icarus to Ground Control

It’s easy ,no lie

As I stare at my feet and philosophize

Just to cross the busy city streets

Out of sight and out of mind… 85 more words


Utter Transience (Feminine Masculinity)

To be a woman

In a world of mean

To escape the grasp of masculine femininity

Feminine masculinity

The dregs of distorted history

Written by those who dare live and survive… 45 more words

The Way Life's Made Out to Be

In my International Baccalaureate Honors Level Theater class, we started learning about Theatre of the Absurd. I’ve heard quite a bit about Absurdism, being a high school theater kid, but I really haven’t known anything about it until now. 1,007 more words

When life rushes by deceptively slow

When life rushes by deceptively slow
and the next moment happened an aeon ago,
When stones and graves like flowers grow
and the sand of a desert like rivers flow, 85 more words



Was on my way to the shop
was determined to get
there Robert Frost but
I had an attack of poetry… 128 more words