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Rainy Rabbit Vibes

As the wind rustles the leaves off the trees outside my bedroom window and the rain pelts against the panes of glass, I’ve decided that it is the perfect time of day to blog from my comfy cozy bed!   736 more words


Things we just can not understand

It is very important throughout life to know that there are things that as human beings we just can not understand.  Things will happen that have no explanation and do not follow any kind of rules of logic or order at all.   274 more words


Earth Subdued ... and Then Some

My brother had rabbits when we were kids.  He and my dad built a luxury hutch in the back yard.  Two bunnies, two males.  Or so we were told.   971 more words



In the last few weeks at church, we’ve been working through biblical texts of Abundance. Our new pastor has helped us to frame our story as a church within a narrative of abundance, the good news that God has and will continue to provide generously for God’s people. 765 more words


What's next?

We are finding our focus…Which means some changes of our website, blog content and reworking the work we have already done. Yes, this could feel defeating… But, it can also be transmuted into the energy we need to catapult our journey to the next level. 415 more words

Why Were You Born In America?

Why were you born in America? Is it because this is where your great, great, great x2 grandparents settled and well, now here you are.  Well yes, technically.  636 more words

God's Love

What Is Your Vision For Abundance?

For a lot of people, the thought of being abundant means having an endless supply of money. These people feel as though having enough currency will make them feel as though they are living an abundant life. 279 more words