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Free As Creation Itself

Ascending to higher levels of Consciousness and Communicating with Spirit or Divine Source does NOT mean we need to be humorless, boring, or uptight. 122 more words



moment by moment
sunrise to sunrise
droplet by droplet

till the clouds burst


Power and Passion

The essence I have been using for the past few weeks is Passion. The affirmation for Passion is “I am power, I am passion and conviction”. 328 more words

From The Desk Of Kathy Drury

III The Empress

What does the card depict? 

The Empress usually depicts a woman sitting fruitfully in the middle of a flourishing setting, most often outside. She is usually adorned with a headdress, and a flowing dress. 539 more words


Mahendra Trivedi - Motivating to Achieve Success in Life

People describe various ways to attain success in life, but Mahendra Trivedi says that success comes to those who put their efforts in the right direction. 250 more words

Mahendra Trivedi

Gardening for the Soul

Well, I’m thinking that time has come….

This site will undergo a relaunch in the next few weeks (Spring/Autumn¬† – it doesn’t really matter where you are) … if the branch isn’t growing, then it’s time to prune it, to allow for new growth and the flowers to bloom….

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Relative roles of endolithic algae and carbonate chemistry variability in the skeletal dissolution of crustose coralline algae (update)

The susceptibility of crustose coralline algae (CCA) skeletons to dissolution is predicted to increase as oceans warm and acidify. Skeletal dissolution is caused by bioerosion from endolithic microorganisms and by chemical processes associated with undersaturation of carbonate minerals in seawater. 192 more words