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Why Female Leadership?

I run a startup Network Marketing Company in the UK.

I have been networking with other Network Marketing Companies to see how they  operate. The ones that I am most impressed with are the ones that have lots of female leadership. 400 more words

47 Bullion

How To Live A Life Of Abundance

What if I am missing the whole point?

On this path of growing myself, I discovered this concept of having an “abundance mentality”.

People like to toss this term around, me included! 506 more words


Holdin' Toes

Holdin’ hands is supposed to be special,
But really, anyone can do it.
Just grab a hand and don’t let go,
That’s all there really is to it. 49 more words


Squeezing follows Expansion

The world will squeeze our heart not once, not twice but million times!

And it’s going to hurt terribly.

Whole body will be burdened, mental space will be cluttered with toxic thoughts and heart will suffer the shrinkage! 50 more words