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I do know why I read the comments on all the news stories.  It’s the same reason I watch ‘Jack Van Impe Presents’ every Sunday.  I want to know the “arguments” from the other side. 984 more words


The Masters of Globalism

The enemy we’re facing goes far beyond progressive or communism and the roots of that enemy are planted in greed and lust for power. The people at the pinnacle of corrupt power are capable of things the average person cannot comprehend, because most people are basically decent people wishing only to live out their life in peace. 1,377 more words


Two Overeaching Positions by the U.S. Fed...

The first of the two positions is something I found late, late last night whilst doing research on yesterday’s article.

The State Department has quietly made plans to bring Ebola-infected doctors and medical aides to the U.S. 431 more words

Political Correctness

There is no perfect victim.

Offhand, people, who in my opinion, I think are guilty: 

Officer Darren Wilson

Oscar Pistorius

Jian Ghomeshi

Bill Cosby

Ray Rice

Adrian Peterson

Mama June Shannon… 251 more words


Congress gives the president unchecked emergency powers


The perpetual state of emergency in America is due to congress neglecting their responsibility under the National Emergencies Act. This law allows the president extra authorities when an emergency is declared. 95 more words

Police State

Inconvenient Truths

(from Democracy Now)

Gabor Maté is a Vancouver doctor who’s been promoting the idea that emotions and social conditions affect physical health, and the suppression of strong emotions causes illness. 312 more words