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For the Powerless

Today was a confusing day.
I watched as a community ripped itself apart, as it expressed its powerlessness the only way that it figured out how. 339 more words


Perhaps Armageddon Has Finally Come

Perhaps armageddon has finally come

Ferguson knows this all too well.

Do not be fooled–justice hasn’t been done

Though the politicians try to hard sell. 229 more words


Police Severely Beat and Break Ribs of 80 Year Old Army Veteran...Because...

Below is a man by the name of Bill Swan. He is 80 years old, an army veteran, a cancer survivor and a victim of police brutality. 261 more words


Social Justice Fatigue

So what with the whole police murdering people (well, black males), the internet has exploded with outrage. And let’s be real, most every criticism is spot-on and quite true. 422 more words


Pharaoh Barack Proclaims "So Let it Be Written, So Let it Be Done, on Immigration

Younger readers who are not familiar with this quote’s origins, should consult Cecil B. Demille’s 1950’s version of the 10 Commandments starring Charlton Heston as Moses and Yul Brynner as the Egyptian Pharaoh. 847 more words