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Nonwhite cop kills unarmed white youth, national media, AG and POTUS ignore


A brutal natural experiment is underway demonstrating the role of race, riots, and radicals in determining whose death is noted, and whose ignored in racialized America when unarmed young men are shot and killed by police. 

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Isn't It Amazing How Hypocrite Democrats Indict Rick Perry For 'Abusing Power' While Demonizing Republicans If They Dare To Impeach Obama?

This is the “face of integrity” – at least to a Demonic Bureaucrat (i.e., a Democrat):

Rosemary Lehmberg has more “public integrity” than any other Democrat, apparently, which is why she couldn’t lose her position as head of the “Public Integrity Unit” that was created to politically persecute Republicans.  1,440 more words


Harper's Problems With Elections Canada And The Supreme Court Of Canada Are Not Only Old, But They Are Also Very Personal

I have wondered why the Conservative Party of Canada has been too stupid, or too arrogant to just thank their lucky stars and walk away quietly after getting caught committing several elections violations and getting off for the most part with a slap on the wrist from Elections Canada and the courts? 1,113 more words

Paying For Perry: Taxpayers Covering Governor's Legal Fees

AUSTIN, TX — Now that Governor Perry’s been booked, fingerprinted and has a grinning mugshot making the rounds, you can bet the bill for his legal defense isn’t going to be cheap. 32 more words