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This is how I felt after divorcing a narcissist and seeing him steal most of my belongings. When dealing with a narcissist, sometimes you just gotta cut your losses and get out.

Child Abuse Survivor Challenge: Days 1 & 2.


“No Longer Silenced Movement” offers this 21-day challenge to healing and moving beyond the damages of child abuse. I think it is important to mention that whether a horribly abusive act happened just once or was a daily pattern, the abuse still causes damage which has to be dealt with. 190 more words


Tectonic Plates.

I feel the shifting of my foundations as scorching hot lava moves beneath my footing. I am participating in a life-changing event and I can sense the change coming. 16 more words


Survived My First Exercise Session.

While I would like to join an open-24-hours fitness club and exercise with a circuit of machines, I doubt I would follow through. The time it takes to get my gym stuff together, drive to the gym, work-out, shower and … yeah, I can’t even finish writing the sentence before I get bored. 332 more words


Winter Seedlings Book Series

The final novel in the Winter Seedlings book series has been released. Winter Suns debuted as #60 on Amazon in the category of Women’s Fiction: Christian. 178 more words


Life is Tough, but God makes a Way through Prayer: Hannah

You’ll find Hannah’s story in the first book of Samuel beginning in the first chapter. Hannah was one of two wives in her household, and she was her husband’s favorite even though she was barren. 679 more words

Christian Meditation

About John (from Winter Seedlings/Winter Suns)

Winter Suns, the second book in the Winter Seedlings series, is written from two rotating points of view. One of those belongs to John. I’m going to tell you about him and make every effort not to include spoilers for… 660 more words