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Pre-Manifesto Publicity Release.

For over a week, I have been working on a Manifesto.

man·i·fes·to : a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of its issuer…

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Artists' Date with Kit Gruelle in West Seattle

It’s been a long damned time since I’ve been on an Artist’s Date, and I want to thank Kit Gruelle tremendously for joining me for a much-needed afternoon of fun in West Seattle.   236 more words

Domestic Violence

Recovery Will Take Awhile. . .

    It may take awhile. You may hurt for a very long time, but as you look within and process, focusing more on yourself, the pain of HIM/HER will lessen in time. 24 more words

Cross-country Road Trip.

I’m driving my brother’s Ford Ranger pickup truck 500 plus miles (in the rain) from Illinois to Toronto to take my last set of boxes out of storage. 100 more words

Abuse Recovery

Removing The Claws Of The Predator From Your Soul, Is The Greatest Act Of Love For Others

I think this may be my last post for awhile. I’ve written I think all I can about the romantic relationship with a psychopath. That part of it has become frustrating to me now. 4,771 more words

The Aftermath: Why Is It So Hard To Take Personal Responsibility For Our Part In The Relationship?

**This article also applies to men who have been exploited by female psychopaths**

The hardest thing you will ever do when you come out of a relationship with a pathological individual, … 2,385 more words

Do I Need A Predator To Complete Me?

*This post also applies to men who have endured relationships with female Psychopaths*

I’ve been single for four years now. Prior to the last predator, I was not single at all for 30 years. 704 more words