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PTSD Antidote: Dr. Teal's Epsom Salts & Bubble Bath

Who knew?  I’ve been in PTSD hell since last June due to never-ending bureaucratic bullshit that should never, ever happen.  But, it does.

Hopefully, this ended on Monday, 4/14/14 ~ the day of the blood moon that wasn’t visible here in Seattle. 178 more words


My Intake Interview.

Wow, I have a nice buzz on. Seven hours ago, I had my intake interview to begin therapy. Now that I am three weeks back in the USA, I can get services. 666 more words


Silent Treatment.

Doing my soul work lately God showed me how many times in my life that I’d been shunned, given the silent treatment, and ignored, and how that plays a part in my concept of “healthy”, how I connect with myself (an expressionist in many ways). 453 more words


What's Your Love Language?

It’s Spring. Love is in the air.  Oprah’s Lifeclass with Dr. Gary Chapman is on OWN.

We all have a love language, and we feel loved when the people in our lives speak our love language: 204 more words


Pets As A "Treatment" Option For Trauma Survivors

     I feel I can barely breathe. My heart is aching so much. It’s only been a few, but what feels like very long hours, and I can’t bear to think of going to bed tonight and not feeling the warmth of my very best friend. 681 more words

Bucket List Artist's Date: Cherry Blossoms at the University of WA

 My bucket list is relatively short. For years, I have wanted to see the cherry blossoms at the University of Washington (UW). Monday was a rare day of sunshine and warm weather in Seattle.   526 more words

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