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Book Of Evil - Dirty Trick #8

Hot Tub Cereal

This one is quite simple. When your victim is not looking, and his/her hot tub is running, dump in an extremely large quantity of Cream Of Wheat cereal. 14 more words


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Remember, kids, do NOT act out your revenge fantasies! hehehehe

Grief: "Tomorrow I am going to feel a little better."

I was surfing WordPress blogs, reading one interesting story after another, when I got to this blog post about human trafficking:


Thank God, I don’t know anything about human trafficking or the victims’ sufferings that I cannot even imagine; but there was a section of the post that was so familiar to me. 1,013 more words



I had a commitment to visit sponsors for the Homeless Coalition today, and it got cancelled. Yeah! I haven’t showered yet and I was trying to pick out an outfit to wear that wouldn’t scream ‘poverty’. 178 more words


Cranky Zombie.

I volunteered at the Homeless Coalition again. They are short staffed and desperate for help. They have a huge fundraising event on November 10th where they need to make $120,000 in one day. 522 more words


I will never forgive my abusers! Attacking the mainstream brainwashing tools

When you are dealing with abusers it is almost certain you will hear that you need to be ”the better person”, ”forgive and forget”, ”be forgiving to gain inner peace”, ”be a nice christian”.   727 more words

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FORGIVENESS versus Self-Preservation.

Fenrir has joined my team!

Caught your attention, didn’t it? Well, I couldn’t help it. I just had to showcase the newest member of my family. He has a bit of a story to him even though he’s only six months old. 1,210 more words


Cheering Myself Up.

A good night’s sleep fixes everything.

Today’s goal is to try to cheer myself up by taking an outing.

Maybe I will drive to the ocean… 38 more words