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He's dying and I won't pray for him.

This story has too much backstory, backstory because it grew from the midst of my dysfunctional family – therefore, I’m giving only a hint of its’ origins, so I can get to the point in this lifetime. 1,317 more words

Abuse Recovery

Am I Off-Topic? What Does Narcissism Entail?

This past week, I have written about my new job and problems that I am having with my mother. Is this off-topic? The blog is about narcissism, grief, recovery, and Yiddishkeit. 270 more words


Crazy Work Stuff.

  1. I worked two shifts at the clothing store… and they asked me to go full-time! This is exciting because I have been out of work for about 13 months, however, it’s probably only for two months during the holiday season.
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Abuse Recovery


I’ve always, but always, told the truth. It was kind of an unspoken rule in my home, growing up, that you should tell the truth. 1,180 more words

Abuse Recovery

Fuck the Consequences

The way I look at it, if you’re worrying about consequences you’re cutting back to much on all the potential consequences you could generate, by not actually taking action, by worrying instead of… 477 more words

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This guy's words are so forceful. I just had to reblog this post. From our point of view, this is how I feel in recovery from narcissistic abuse. After a year of depression, I want to feel excited about life again. That's recovery.

40 after 40

I’m starting my life over. Forced to do so. I’ve had a few months to think about what I really want to do and, in my best ‘planning head on’ mode and spurred on by images like this that pop up at me on Pinterest – alternatively scaring me to death/goading me and panicking me… 515 more words

Abuse Recovery

Ten Habits That Will Break the Cycle of Abuse

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1. Keep a Journal.

Don’t know where you stand with your partner? One minute they love you and insist on a holiday gathering to meet their parents and then two days later they disappear only to surface at a bar where they act like they barely know you. 1,574 more words


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