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28 days to go

Today’s title sounds a bit like a fucking horror film but there has already been positivity from my GP’s appointment this morning.

My GP set me the task of writing down what I think about myself (a list that will 100%) negative, and a list of nice things that people have said to or about me. 68 more words

Depression Blog Scotland


So from an earlier post, you may have gathered that my father was a bit of a twat. He resented his children from the moment my mother died, yet used us as an excuse as to why he didn’t need to work anymore, after all, he had children to raise. 640 more words

Post Natal Depression

This bed is cold even though you’re lying here
I can’t sleep because my body pulses with fear

All of its gone
Every piece of me…

131 more words

pays Bleu Lavande

I rarely write fairy tales but this Fairytale prompt  #30 spoke to me at MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

They say that when you die, the heart stops, all brain activity ceases, hence you also stop breathing on your own. 504 more words


The Hardest Thing To Do..

Tomorrow my son turns 17. He’s a good soul and a strong boy.

He’s been through more than any child should have to go through. 1,464 more words


Everybody has a You (#13)

Neither Smartryk nor Boggel remebers much about the trip back to Rolbos. Smartryk, after the dose of painkillers and a herbal tea from Dawid Loper – and Boggel due to sheer fatigue – dozed, slept and rested during the long ride home. 1,504 more words

Smalltown Short Stories

Wordle #31 "Cenotaph"

When will these invisible armies recede?

These murders, these lichen-gripped cenotaphs

My neighbors, my brothers will you dismiss me?

Feast on my currency, on the enamel that holds my heart… 160 more words