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A NO Barriers Activist, avoid Middle Ages protectionism, regulate YES, legislate well ahead YES

Several countries, including Brazil, China, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, and Vietnam, have already enacted or are considering policies that would limit the flow of Internet traffic in and out of their borders. 245 more words


This was our childhood

*Trigger warning: contains memories about domestic violence.

I can’t remember the first instance of abuse in my life. I’ve been told that when I was born my father and mother really loved each other. 2,495 more words


Is Ron Klain The Best Person For The Ebola Czar Job?

Even some liberals are wondering if Ron Klain is the best person for the job.

The job may be considered an “administrative position,” but wouldn’t it make sense to appoint a doctor to the job?

David Pakman takes a look.

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#304 Not Know Love

If love means being abused, used and taken for granted, I would rather not know love.

Tip for 10/24 Police as Abuse Perpetrators

This information gathered from The Advocates for Human Rights

Officer-Involved Domestic Violence

Individuals who are the victims of domestic violence at the hands of police officer-batterers are often in a unique and particularly vulnerable situation. 763 more words

This week

There are weeks in our life’s where we think will I ever get to be happy?

This week started great I had a mammogram on Tuesday and the results were clear. 216 more words


As victims of sexual, mental,
physical, emotional or spiritual abuse

We are not and we will not
be punished by God for what happened