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Engagement day”

Anisa’s engagement day had finally arrived. Both our parents came from the farm town to Johannesburg and Layha sorted out every thing from the decadent food that was to be served to the most elaborate yet elegant table settings. 881 more words


Mental Health Counselling.



Repeated calls for essential, identified & known long term social benefit through the provision of additional Mental Health Counselling have constantly & deliberately being ignored by the State & Federal governments of all persuasions. 992 more words

Body Sensitive Integrative Psychology

Why people do the things they do, for better or for worse

This post has been bubbling under the surface for a while, but it’s been hard to figure out how to really put it into words. However, a reader recently contacted me about a shame she had been holding in, and though I may not have been able to complete my thoughts on this, I think that it is important that I get this out. 985 more words

Past Sexual Abuse Affects Marriage Today

The number of woman who have been sexually abused is 1 in 3 in the United States. And those are the ones we know about. Honestly I am hard pressed to find a woman who hasnĀ“t been. 1,071 more words


Soul Pruning

Soul loss is something that few are aware of but many have experienced. It is when we experience emotional, physical or mental injuries that causes us to be psychologically traumatized. 354 more words


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For those of us healing from psychological injury due to trauma, neglect or abuse - this is a great post from New Soulz regarding soul healing.

Living with the spectre of abuse

One of the things I find myself struggling with is the damage my family did to my self identity. I thought that with one parent dead, cutting off contact with my mother and brother would close the door on those dark times and yet I’m haunted by the things they did to me. 300 more words


Just muddling through...

Tonight has been a struggle for me. I found it hard to cope but I am trying. I even went to my aunts with my mom for some drinks and a chat, a kinda chill out night of fun before Christmas. 399 more words