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I was totally gobsmacked.

I was at a local community center yesterday and was talking with one of the workers there about domestic abuse and how women can abuse me. 340 more words


I Hope You're Happy... And Yes... That Was Sarcasm

I hope you’re happy about all the lies you told and all the words you spewed from your mouth that come out like daggers. I hope you’re happy about all of the distress you’ve caused so many people over the years just because you’re too scared to admit to yourself the truth. 345 more words


The Problem with Domestic Abuse

As 21st Century statistics reveal 1.2 million women and 800,000 men have experienced abuse when will all accounts be considered illegal?

For most people, relationships and feelings for another person can start rapidly. 274 more words


Really Zimbabwe?

Dear Nehanda

I am writing this letter to you because I am disgusted by your people. Right shits they are. This article right here is another brick in the wall of stupidity and ignorance we stay building in the Motherland and I am sick of it. 357 more words

Random Bursts

Changing the Game of Violence

By Alexandria Somers

Montgazette Staff Writer

Ray Rice, a professional football running back, is no longer with the Baltimore Ravens and is suspended indefinitely by the NFL. 328 more words

Health & Wellness

Having never been married myself, am nothing close to an expert in marital affairs. But just like the case of not necessarily being a painter to see a good painting or a bad one for that matter, there are a number of things that I have picked along the way. 552 more words

One of our insiders is majorly struggling

So yesterday, I found out something major about an insider here. Ok so you all know we’re ritual abuse survivors. And you all know that members of the cult try to contact us sometimes. 212 more words