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Cyber Bullying

The internet is such a beautiful thing,
when used correctly It can make ones heart sing.
It can let us interact with each other or play a few games.
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Done for a while, researching/thinking, about abusive people. Time to believe I deserve 'nice' stuff.

I have a pretty extensive knowledge of abusive people, from personal experience being abused by them and from research and counselling, and I am aware I have insight and the capacity to pick on unhealthy traits easily. 538 more words

I Know Better #30in30 #poetry #make30

I was never aware

That the one who held my hand

Was the one who held me down.

He was my prince in shining armor, 65 more words


OKLAHOMA, you will never be the same!

(warning some graphic adult material)

Well I was like most teenagers, always looking for a reason to be with my friends. This particular year my high school was putting on the play “OKLAHOMA” I was so excited, ever since my choir teacher had shown us this musical I had loved it.  575 more words



i believe that some of my best writing happens late at night/early morning. for some reason, that’s when my mind seems to settle down for the day and  i can finally start to make sense of things. 834 more words

Opening up to my mother

I am not sure if you, the reader, know this, but I had eye surgery recently. I went to stay with my mother for some time after that. 704 more words

Dear society, please stop putting time frames on people's healing...

Everyone is different.

Every journey is different.

Only God knows how long each person needs to heal.

For some it may be fairly quick, for some it may be a few years, for some longer and for some it will be a lifelong journey. 30 more words