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Victim of Love

Over the next 6 to 7 weeks I would experience just about every emotion possible, except pride.  It’s opposition, humility and guilt, would rank high on the emotion chart.    1,200 more words


The Beginning

I met my girlfriend on Facebook. That should have been a sign right there; But honestly i was so desperate for a girlfriend at the time i didn’t notice any signs. 593 more words

That's One UGLY Cat!

Just a story; not really with a moral, maybe a lesson…though I’m sure someone here can find a something that touches you; and possibly a reason to share it with others… 677 more words

Moral Reads

Liam's chickens come home to roost.

While Liam continues to drown in self-pity, I can only watch … emotionless … How utterly predictable that his demeanour should switch from that of being distinctively threatening, to seemingly remorseful and humble, and all in the space of only a few days … 410 more words

Abusive Relationships

Wanna know something that really bothers me? When people get personally offended because someone else won’t leave an abusive relationship. Should they leave? Yes. Is it that easy? 360 more words

Out on the Pier

We all know people who feel alone in the plight of their pain. Some are beset by tragedy.  Some tortured by their own struggle within.  This is dedicated to those people we all know.   244 more words

Police: Mother Allowed Man To Physically Abuse 5- And 6-Year-Old Sons

WESTMORELAND COUNTY (KDKA) – State Police say a home in Grapeville was a house of horrors.

“It seemed like torture what they were going through, living in that household,” said State Police Tpr. 191 more words