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Monster (Nonet)

See the woman within the monster.
She is lost, wounded, and afraid.
Will you hurt her, if she trusts?
Or, should she hurt you first? 75 more words


Watch out a bootleg

Finally I managed to snatch a copy of the Abused demo on a 7″. This was made in a low number around 1990/1991 and thus hard to find despite being a bootleg. 9 more words


Dog abandoned after owner dies makes amazing transformation

When Woody’s owner passed away, he was abandoned.

His owner’s family sold the house and left Woody on the doorstep.

Woody, hoping his owner would return, underneath a shed for a year, his fur becoming matted and filthy. 45 more words


Building Your A-List Support System!

Having a support system is one of the most important factors in being an effective parent. Whether it’s your mother, father, sister, friend, neighbor, etc. Every parent must have people and places that they can depend on to support them as they raise their… 337 more words

Music Monday - You are Beautiful by Mercy Me

“You are treasured, you are sacred, you are His.”  A friend of mine works with children who have been abused, rejected, and discarded.  One thing he tries to tell them regularly is that they are beautiful.  25 more words


Nim's Story

“Nim…please fill foams into the pillow case, not to drain out” a teacher told a woman and she smiled back.

Nim is an overweight woman with tanned skin. 378 more words



They say you only remember the good times in your life. It’s not always true. For two years that I went to a school for disabled children, and before I was main-streamed into public school, I only remember the unpleasant. 189 more words