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Breaking Off Ties to an Abusive Parent

Breaking off ties to an abusive parent isn’t easy. For one thing, you will have years of history with that person and with your extended family of siblings, children, aunts and uncles, etc. 293 more words

Understanding The Dynamics Of Abuse

We were the lucky ones.

“Narcissus and Echo” by David Revoy

Those of us who are ACONs and didn’t become narcs ourselves really are the lucky ones.

Narcissism, as I’ve written so many times, is a family disorder and is passed on through generations, both through the genes (as a predisposition, not as a “bad seed,” which I don’t believe in) and through early childhood abuse and neglect. 706 more words


From the Mailbox: Smear Campaigns, Spreading Awareness, Maintaining Relationships With Abusive Parents, and More

As managing editor of The Invisible Scar, I’m always open to receiving your emails and comments. Sometimes, I get a flurry of emails on a theme or that have answers that benefit more than one person. 1,478 more words

Adult Survivors Of Emotional Child Abuse

"Mental disorder" is a Stigma

I always knew I was different, just different and I was quite proud of that. I like to stand out, not blend in. I will deliberately dress differently from the rest of the crowd in order to attract attention. 349 more words

Nature vs Nurture

What causes mental disorders? Have you ever wondered why some people who grew up in the similar environment emerged unscathed while the others struggle with various mental illnesses? 249 more words

Into the Wild... away from the painful past... or not...

Chris McCandless went into the wildness to find peace, to escape from his painful past. Did he find peace? Nobody knows, only he knew. Here is the link to the article: 187 more words