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Today, I was woken up extremely early by my “roommate”‘s alarm. It started going off around 7, 7:30, and didn’t stop going off randomly until 8:30.  465 more words

Dare Not Speak

Review: The Thoughts and Happenings of Wilfred Price, Purveyor of Superior Funerals, by Wendy Jones
Europa, 2014. 235 pp. $17

A young man, taught all his life to weigh his words, blurts out a fateful question at a picnic. 546 more words

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Baby mamma drama

A phrase that always makes me smile, but a true one.

They say we are the people our parents teach us to be. Negative or positive we become that person. 503 more words

Domestic Abuse

"Gilmore Girls" and child abuse

Two of the many things I missed out on during my we-didn’t-have-TV childhood were Friends and Gilmore Girls. I’m in the process of rectifying it– thank you very much Netflix– and so far it’s been pretty fun. 702 more words

Christian Fundamentalism

Hang in There, Children of Abusive Parents: The "Holy Days" Will Soon Pass

…or whatever they’re called in your family. Too often for abused children who have to deal with their abusive parents at the holidays/holydays, these times are marked by a reopening of raw wounds, reminders of how many battles for your integrity, autonomy, and self-respect you are never going to win with these people, and a host of other painful and difficult moments. 57 more words

Abusive Parents


It’s Christmas eve. I have been working on a mosaicking project, the bedroom floor. It has literally taken me months to complete. It would have been finished weeks ago but due to the financial issues we have had to deal with, it had to wait. 1,970 more words

Breaking Off Ties to an Abusive Parent

Breaking off ties to an abusive parent isn’t easy. For one thing, you will have years of history with that person and with your extended family of siblings, children, aunts and uncles, etc. 293 more words

Understanding The Dynamics Of Abuse