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Why I'm Bad At Giving Advice

I can give advice just fine and in my instance, my own advice has helped me so much. However, my reaction to things isn’t what other people should do. 1,150 more words

Abusive Parents

No Exceptions Made

It’s 4:00 am, and I feel absolutely amazing. Amazing is an understatement; I feel phenomenal! I had an argument with my father yesterday evening, and the frazzled emotions I felt after our disagreement helped me to re-discover a few important things about myself. 478 more words

"Mental disorder" is a Stigma

I always knew I was different, just different and I was quite proud of that. I like to stand out, not blend in. I will deliberately dress differently from the rest of the crowd in order to attract attention. 349 more words

Nature vs Nurture

What causes mental disorders? Have you ever wondered why some people who grew up in the similar environment emerged unscathed while the others struggle with various mental illnesses? 249 more words

Into the Wild... away from the painful past... or not...

Chris McCandless went into the wildness to find peace, to escape from his painful past. Did he find peace? Nobody knows, only he knew. Here is the link to the article: 187 more words

Surviving The Abuse

Two years ago, Christmas time, I was starving. Though I had a roof over my head and was barely paying the bills to keep it that way, I literally had no food. 1,928 more words


Honoring Abusive Parents... Does God Want Us To Throw Ourselves Under Their Toxic Bus?

I pray that God gives me wisdom especially as I write this post…

I’m very fortunate to have a dad who has my back, is fun to be around, and with whom I can talk about anything.   1,352 more words

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