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What the Spring 2014 Semester Taught Me

Tomorrow marks the last day of the Spring 2014 semester, and with the exception of final exams, another set of classes has taught me more valuable lessons than all of my advanced degrees combined. 516 more words


Worth the investment: therapy

I have a pet peeve. I hate it when people characterize an activity that provides an emotional release or comfort as “cheaper than therapy.”

This bugs me because I avoided going to therapy for a couple of years in my mid-twenties when I needed it because I thought it would be too expensive. 303 more words

Sarah Zureick-brown

You Only Live Twice

…or so it seems, dear Reader. Unfortunately, I have been too busy following the stations of the cross to fill you in on last week’s events, so I have instead provided you with the most recent copy of… 58 more words


Peace without normalization is not peace

After the terrorist attack on Passover eve, when Police Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrachi was shot dead and his pregnant wife and one of their children injured by a Palestinian terrorist, it was rumoured that Palestinian “President” Mahmoud Abbas had condemned the murder. 1,295 more words


what i would tell my younger self about academia

What would I tell my younger self just getting into academia? I’ve been working away at this post for some time and coincidently there are a few others floating about at the moment too. 2,947 more words


On leaving academia

I’ve been thinking about writing on this topic for some time. It was a hard thing to do, leaving academia, and I know others face the same difficult decision. 229 more words

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Despite having to write, on command, a blistering set of formal explications to unanticipated dilemmas over the past three days—all in order to provide a material record that will allow me to be evaluated at this, my final point of contact with the undergraduate system—I find myself remarkably well disposed. 45 more words