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Something is Missing

This morning, dear Reader, I surveyed my oak-lined rooms and thought, il me manque quelque chose.

This is why I found myself silently opening the door of my colleague Dr Fflloyd’s office a few minutes later. 247 more words


Skype in the Classroom: Applications for the History Classroom

Depending on whom you ask, the introduction of technology into the classroom is either a blessing or a curse. The proliferation of technology has provoked some good discussions, in addition to expletives involving use (abuse?) of Powerpoint slides in lecture. 548 more words


That Shirt.

A senior scientist on the Rosetta/Philae mission (a stunning success, brilliant and audacious, thrilling!) decided to show up for work on perhaps the most important day of the mission, the most important day in spaceflight since Curiosity landed on Mars, wearing a crappy bowling shirt covered in cartoonish images of half-naked women. 454 more words

Online Community

Helen Williams reblogged this on Helen Louise Williams and commented:

[caption id="attachment_858" align="alignright" width="249"]Photo from the ESA news stream, via @RoseVeleth's Twitter feed Photo from the ESA news stream, via @RoseVeleth's Twitter feed[/caption] Last week, the European Space Agency landed a space probe on a comet. The Rosetta mission’s project scientist, Matt Taylor, went on international television to talk about the success. He wore a shirt covered in drawings of scantily clad women with big boobs and big guns. This was inappropriate, unprofessional, and sexist. Infactorium wrote an excellent summary of why this shirt was wrong, wrong, wrong:

Exploration of the Experiences of UK Adult Film Performers- Ph.D funding

Please check out this ad
for a fully funded Ph.D studentship at Liverpool John Moores University, under Dr Conan Leavey, one of my old supervisors. … 38 more words


A Stranger in a Strange Land

Dear Reader,

I stand before you, helpless.

Standing before me, dear Reader, is a washing machine.

It is not just any washing machine. It is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor’s washing machine, located next to the staff microwave. 315 more words


No more Lady Vols: The U. of Tennessee decides it's "demeaning" to call a woman a lady

Not an Onion parody:

No ladies allowed on our team!

For legions of loyal fans, the name “Lady Vol” is synonymous with success — an identity to be proud of, a legacy to carry on.

201 more words

ISLANDS AND MOUNTAINS and the movement of difference

“a highly idiosyncratic selection of quotes” from current reading by Deleuze (found here)

“Geographers say there are two kinds of islands . . . 229 more words

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