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Should you go to grad school?

    During my three-year (and counting) tenure as a Ph.D. student at the University of New Brunswick, I’ve held numerous positions as a teaching assistant (TA) within my academic department. 1,319 more words

Give me some credit! How to improve peer-review

Have you ever read a scientific paper and thought: “Holy cow, what a pile of garbage”? OK, I do this after every draft I write but luckily, I like to think that I usually get my act together before these little buggers see the light of day ( 1,012 more words


the California Raisins? (Steinbeck in Little Miss Sunshine)

Does anybody remember the California Raisins — the singing, dancing raisins that seemed to be racially black? What was with that? So Strange!

Anyway, I chose that name to introduce a short list of how The Grapes of Wrath drives the plot of Little Miss Sunshine. 433 more words


How to get a job (In Chicago)

I got a job!!!!  WOooot!!

Actually I got a job like a month ago (ha!  One day before my arbitrary and unrealistic -May 30-deadline that I gave myself to feel some sort of self worth that obviously backfired because it resulted in 2 months of self-loathing before I got the offer). 554 more words

Brian Taylor and Ken Plummer's Chapters, and Bibliography, from 'Perspectives on Paedophilia'

WARNING – Upsetting Material

I earlier posted the chapters by Peter Righton and Morris Fraser in Brian Taylor (ed), Perspectives on Paedophilia (London: Batsford Academic and Educational Ltd, 1981). 310 more words


"Smashing Physics" Review

Having read a large number of personal statements from physics applicants to Dundee this year, it is clear that, much as it was for me, particle physics and the quest for the fundamental understanding of how the Universe works is something that really gets physics students fired up. 697 more words