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A Theory of (British) University Business Cycles

Put simply, the theory of political business cycles goes like this: in the run up to elections, governments increase public spending or/and lower interest rates (if they can control them) in order to stimulate the economy and reduce unemployment. 877 more words


How to get some quiet time over lunch

I dispensed with proper lunch breaks about six months into my first permanent full-time academic job. With lessons to prepare, essays to mark, admin to do, and – heaven forbid – research somewhere on my list, it seemed frivolous to set aside an hour or even thirty minutes each day just to eat a sandwich and have a chat with my colleagues in the staff common room. 743 more words


porn curiosity

The follow excerpt from this article, ‘Dick Picky, in The New Inquiry articulates what would be a basic understanding for queer persons. It is also part of the reason why I am curious about porn. 618 more words


What's the rush?

Subtitle: Research under the advanced stages of capitalism, part 1: hypercompetitive labor markets.

There is a maxim about research (and work in general), often given in the context of writing a thesis: “it’s not a sprint, but a marathon.” 493 more words


And Now: Homemade Animated YouTube Videos about Writing and Academia!

Oh, Dinty W. Moore, how do you always know how to cheer me up? Here’s what he posted the other day on Facebook. Apparently, it’s an old favorite: 59 more words


Constructions of Race in Colonial Laws and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Both CLR James, in The Black Jacobins, and Antony Anghie in his paper entitled “Francisco de Vitoria and the Colonial Origins of International Law”, outline some of the ways ideas about race and social hierarchy were born through colonial encounters… 689 more words