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Holiday Spirits

Last Friday, just before leaving for my dentist’s office, my husband reminded me about the party. And my already low holiday spirits sunk further.

First of all, I hate going to the dentist and even though I love my current one. 1,276 more words


What Happens to You When You Study Politics

I am now officially one third of the way to obtaining my Master’s degree in International Relations. Yes, I know, technically that’s not a Politics degree; but after studying the two at an undergraduate level and experiencing some overlap between classes at a graduate level, I feel these can be applied to both. 788 more words


how might a buddhist interrogation of 'the secular' be articulated?

In posting about some of the ethical, political, and ideological challenges (and indeed, the possible neo-colonial effects) of the widespread adaptation of meditation practice or mindfulness training across various settings, I’ve come to realise that I am brushing up against a broader issue about the secularisation of Buddhist teachings. 743 more words


I Believe I Can Fly

Dear Reader,

I think you sometimes forget that Darren is only human.

It turned out that he may have madeĀ a tiny error when he was unplugging the transnational communicator two nights ago. 269 more words


A Silly Moment from Finals Week

It is not officially finals until a drink is poured, and tonight it’s family recipe bourbon slush. Ironically I am reading Emerson, who argues that the true Poet needs no mind-altering drugs to find “new passages in nature”, when “the metamorphosis is possible”. 22 more words


Grants and Gratitude: A Year on Wordpress

Well, friends, it’s been a heck of a year. I started the year on a good professional note, attending the Gender and Medieval Studies conference… 965 more words

Medieval Studies

Studying Agaciro: Moving Beyond Wilsonian Interventionist Knowledge Production on Rwanda

My new article in the Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding just came out yesterday. All comments most welcome!



“Twenty years after the end of the Rwandan genocide, knowledge production on the small country of a thousand hills remains a clamorous battle ground of post- and decolonial power and influence. 231 more words