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An Innovative Pedestrian Transportation Plan and Its Academic Publication

This post describes a planning project I’ve been involved with, in which we created an innovative pedestrian transportation plan for the city of Bat Yam in Israel… 1,091 more words


Pondering Privilege, Fear, and Futures

About three times a week we meet, usually under a bridge, although sometimes at school. It was a hard habit for me to pick up, but once we started, I haven’t been able to shake it. 1,406 more words


Synthesizing a Hegelian, Nietzschian, and Biblical ethical metaphor

Focusing on Bonheoffer’s view of the Sermon on the Mount and his conclusions that promote the renunciation of self it is possible to see the influence of Hegelian thought. 2,727 more words


Reflecting on "Technoscience and Expressionism" by @FractalOntology

I’ve come across Joseph Weissman’s (@FractalOntology) “Technoscience and Expressionism” and am grateful for it, as its filled me in on a philosophical position that I missed the first time around, … 974 more words


Tras las huellas de H.C. Andersen

Dos mares se enfrentan en eterna batalla, más allá de los límites del tiempo, el escenario se encuentra a unas cinco horas de esta ciudad, Odense, y del centro de investigación H.C. 84 more words

Creation of the Laboratoire Alexander Grothendieck (CNRS-IHÉS)

Apparently next january, on wednesday 21st, will be created a joint CNRS-IHÉS Laboratoire Alexander Grothendieck. That was fast!

Several talks are being lined up, including one by Illusie titled “ 26 more words


Post from Former Colorado Chair

David Boonin, former Colorado Philosophy chair, writes:

there were indeed a number of complaints about certain members of the Department of the sort their statement identifies, the Department on its own was in fact unable to satisfactorily address them, and while the process by which the Department came to have an external chair and to be on the receiving end of some quite harsh treatment by the administration has most certainly been painful, the Department has just as certainly benefited from some of the strong and decisive actions to which my colleagues refer.

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