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Empower Social Media to Put Yourself in Word Map

Social media is a platform whereas all information can be reach without limits, no boundaries and non-stop. Nowadays, I could say that social media can be faster than any printed medium. 768 more words

WEB2.0 Tools

Day 44 - Out of control

Last week, I was driving back from a well known flat-pack furniture score, with a bookcase that was threatening to flatten me every time I went around a corner. 356 more words

Day 37 - Nearing the end

As I approach the end of my period of annual leave, I have to stop and look at what I’ve accomplished.
Have I written my book proposal? 82 more words

America and the Ivy League, Rediti; Incipit Columbia

I would apologize for my terrible Latin, except that it is rather a relief to walk down the streets in my new city and feel that my lack of Spanish, not my rudimentary Latin, is what most belies my ignorance. 1,509 more words



Yesterday I submitted my dissertation.

95 pages,
21696 words (that count),
46 photos,
2 copies,
£18 to have it printed and bound.
Hours spent on it: I can’t even begin to estimate. 819 more words

Within and Beyond Academia - Science Communications Intro for Graduate Students

Natasha and I had often chatted about me running a science communication workshop/presentation for graduate students in the department. A few months ago this became a reality Рand it worked quite well since there had been some interests among the students to learn about career paths alternative to an academic one. 575 more words

Science And The Society

2 Jokes I made for Latin Class

I made these for my professor and attached them to a quiz that he had to grade so that the tedious task of grading might not be so bland. 264 more words