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My thoughts on (yet another) rejection

This morning I found out that I didn’t make it to the interview round of the homecountry fellowship I applied for. This was the second time I applied for this fellowship and the tenth time I applied for anything. 430 more words

Life In The Lab

When I was a VAP

In line with my previous experiences in academia, shortly after I was told that I might have a few more years of future in my postdoc position, I got canned because the money on a major project got cut off.  925 more words


Gilens and Page: Average citizens have no political influence

Keith McDonnell and Terry Bouricius wrote to point out the following.

Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page have a new paper titled “Testing theories of American politics: elites, interest Groups, and average citizens”. 280 more words


is it possible?

“stay in school,” they said. it was a mantra.when well-meaning parents, teachers, and celebrities uttered those words throughout the better part of my life, i never thought they would would apply to me: i never did drugs, hadn’t gotten pregnant. 246 more words


How English Classes Ruined My Writing

I know that’s a bit of a bold and dramatic statement, and to be fair my English teachers have done a lot of good for me too. 693 more words


Death & Taxes...And Graduation

Lori Wilson and Katie Lynch met their first year of college at Arkansas Tech University.  They actually didn’t like each other in the beginning.  Since then, the two have grown as close as sisters and have shared many experiences together. 224 more words

On not knowing what's next

Most of you are outside of the Virginia Intermont community who have a gander at this space, and so you haven’t much cared about the fact that VI’s intended merger with Webber International fell through today. 445 more words