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Where is free philosophical investigation?

I read a rather strange blog post from an author over at “an und für sich.” The professor complained that his undergrad students were satisfied, when viewing an artwork, or discussing a philosophical position, that it just comes down to a matter of opinion, how one was raised, etc. 363 more words


New big data paper

Anna Rosso and I have just published the next phase of our big data project. Kindly funded by NESTA, this builds on the work we did with Google… 240 more words


My experience of studying Fine Art.

So I came out of it, eventually, with a distinction and a job. These were my intentions, which I would never have been able to achieve had I not gone through the angst and judgement of the MA degree. 853 more words

There are typos in my dissertation

When I finished typing the last few words I set aside my dissertation for about a week.

I was afraid to read it, because I knew there would be typos amidst that sea of words.   325 more words


Forgiveness vs. Permission?

There’s the old adage that “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission“…

I just want to state that there are some circumstances where that simply doesn’t hold true. 397 more words


A House Built on a Foundation of Sand: Mathematics in Modern Secondary Education

Not long after finishing OCS I strayed into the realm of private tutoring to make a quick buck. My degree was in Economics with minors in math and chinese, so I was able to pick up work and students fairly easily. 1,316 more words