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Leaning In and Its Discontents, Part I

A few weeks ago, in the process of writing on the case of Philosopher W, who tried to negotiate an academic job offer but gave no context for… 1,288 more words


“I’m Not a Feminist, But . . .”: Liberal Feminism

We hear people say this all of the time, and yet they often go on to express “feminist” ideas and could identify as a feminist. There are many reasons why people distance themselves from the feminist movement. 759 more words


Penny for the Guy?

And back again. The conference was a smashing success, geeky and slightly wonky but also filled with too many excellent papers and panels. People were generally amazed by my coming over from Europe just for Mythcon and a week in New England – but hey, I got to meet academics from North and South and East and West, so it was basically a bit of all the US condensed into a campus! 140 more words

End of summer

I was trying never go more than a month between posts, but obviously didn’t make it.  But, now that Fall semester is looming ahead like a skyscraper-sized Cthulhu, hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things.  61 more words


Apparently if you read from a screen, your comprehension of the text is lower than reading it from paper. I call bullshit on both those studies. 63 more words


Day 36 - No agenda

There are days when I have a very clear idea about which I want to write.
Today is not one of those days.

This leads me on to an (at least for me) interesting question: 323 more words

Day 43 - Dreadful email

Today is my last day of my annual leave and what bothers me most is catching up on email.
I have never been very good at dealing with email, or at least in keeping up to date with it. 209 more words