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Thailand’s Constitution: An Empty Text

A constitution is a blank platform to be filled by political, economic, and social ideologies. Then it becomes alive, turning into the guiding star under which the whole nation sails. 585 more words


Blogging or Microblogging?

When I started to do the Dokter’s Weekly Report again, I did it because I enjoyed it the first time around. Last Sunday should’ve been the last post before it went on hiatus again. 105 more words


Pre-Post Dissertation Blues

It’s be a while since I’ve last posted. I am aware that I had a three-parter planned, and it has been written, just not in a coherent fashion. 1,175 more words

Social Sciences

Quote from Barthes

This quote from Roland Barthes holds much significance regarding the trajectory of academic ideology between the early 1970’s and pehaps late 1990’s (approximation):

“{…} any statement can and does denounce the beourgeois or petit-beourgeois character of such and such a form (of life, of thought, of consumption). 29 more words


Day 21 - The past is a terrible place to live

Today, I have been ritualistically murdering my past.
That’s a bit melodramatic.
I’ve been sorting through and disposing of the final batch of stuff from my loft in my last house (with the help of my parents). 443 more words

I'm a grad student. And a mom.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am getting ready to enter my first year of graduate school this fall. While I am extremely excited and appropriately nervous about my new beginnings, I also have something that weighs pretty heavily on my mind. 705 more words


Writing Survival Kit: What is in Yours?

A few days ago I encountered a writing prompt urging me to consider what I might place in my metaphorical writing “survival kit”–a list of those items without which writing, for me, would become difficult or cumbersome. 573 more words

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