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Ola boa tarde gaygabajhbah



Pre-PhD Reading List

Oops. I started a new blog and then promptly forgot about it. In my defense, I have been in PhD season hell for the past 80 days, waiting patiently to hear back from schools, especially ones I was on the waitlist at. 605 more words


Worth the investment: therapy

I have a pet peeve. I hate it when people characterize an activity that provides an emotional release or comfort as “cheaper than therapy.”

This bugs me because I avoided going to therapy for a couple of years in my mid-twenties when I needed it because I thought it would be too expensive. 303 more words

Sarah Zureick-brown

AZ higher education: As nearly free as possible?

MCCCD tuition has skyrocketed nearly 60 percent in 10 years

These are the words contained in Article 11 Section 6 of the Constitution of the state of Arizona: Section 6.  471 more words


Final Draft: Cuban Sanctions

Relations between these United States and Cuba have had a frosty edge for at least forty years. The blockade has accomplished very little in the way of accomplishing the desired goals. 4,279 more words


CCSC: competent cells meet comics

During the second week of April, Dr. Jeff Molk’s biology class visited a Harvard teaching lab for a day of biotech exploration, hosted by the Harvard Life Sciences Outreach Program. 376 more words


Why aren't math professors sociopaths?

Great open from Chris Hayes:

Imagine you’re a scientist in some sci-fi alternate universe, and you’ve been charged with creating a boot camp that will reliably turn normal but ambitious people into broken sociopaths more or less willing to do anything.

258 more words