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Body autonomy and ownership for victims of the Pinochet dictatorship

It is hard for those who have exclusively lived in stable political environments to fully understand what it means to live within a dictatorship. Political and social freedoms are taken for granted in much of the Western world and although most people are taught the basics of major crimes against humanity resulting from dictatorships, (i.e. 2,934 more words


The myth of the white nerd and how The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao stakes claim on popular culture

Junot Diaz is an experienced wordsmith and in his first novel, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, Diaz overwhelms readers with his mastery of popular culture. 1,008 more words


Kate Chopin and the fallacy of the Southern gentleman  

The archetype of the ‘Southern gentleman’ is omnipresent throughout Southern literature. In contemporary society, most people have a basic idea of what being a Southern gentleman entails. 2,552 more words


Both/And: The Fallacy of the Academia/Activism Divide (originally in Broad Magazine)

Two years ago, as one of the liaisons to my undergraduate Women and Gender Studies department, I found myself participating in the search and hiring process for a new professor.  909 more words

The relief!

You know that really happy place you find yourself in after having worked on something for so long that you couldn’t tell the forest from the trees (click on picture to see what I mean)? 160 more words


One of the interesting side-effects of spending a reasonable amount of time on Twitter is the sense it gives you of the rhythms of global activity. 715 more words


Cognitive dissonance about research reform

An interesting editorial on research practices came out in PLOS Medicine yesterday.  It’s good to hear about reproducibility and reforms we need to see in science from a fellow statistician, John Ioannidis over at Stanford.   370 more words