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Divesting from fossil fuels - part of a low carbon culture for #Manchester

We need a low carbon culture (and we need you to help define it first).

And part of a low carbon culture is going to be divesting from fossil fuel companies.  1,976 more words


Welcome to the Journey

Why are you here?

  • You’re a researcher?
  • You’re feeling confused or frustrated with the research journey so far, or this particular stage of the journey?
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A matter of utmost urgency

A while back, Shimer was planning to refurbish its classrooms, and they asked the faculty whether they preferred chalkboards or dry-erase boards. I put in an impassioned plea to retain chalkboards, though I was sadly overruled in the end. 244 more words



The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Gustav Jung was born in 1875, the son of a poor pastor of the Reformed Swiss Church. Mild early childhood neuroses had led him to become interested in psychology, even though it was not a prestigious occupation at the time. 598 more words

Hard work, consistency (and a targeted reading program) really pay off

A love of reading does not come automatically for all young children – especially not little boys. And an early elementary school French immersion curriculum can make reading progress far less linear. 21 more words

Educational Technology

"work in progress" forum on organizational sociology

Work in Progress, the blog of ASA’s organizations, occupations, and work section, just launched a new series on the future of organizational sociology. It launched today with a introduction from… 105 more words


The whole counsel of God

While I’ve posted little here due to being snowed under with completing a thesis, I felt the need to post something in response to the… 1,781 more words