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"Fifteen Minutes of Fame" and a Lifetime of Notoriety

One of the effects of the rise of social media and “reality” entertainment is that we are all, in effect, in danger of becoming the topics of tabloid stories. 1,105 more words


Video: Alaska Legislators Hear Experts Testify Against Common Core

From Alaska with love.

Here’s a video that I hadn’t seen before, made last spring as Alaska legislators listened to expert testimony about Common Core.  It’s long, but truly worth the time.   256 more words

Common Core

When an Instructor Authors Odious Facebook Comments and Resigns, Is Academic Freedom Involved?

And what about one who moves a trashcan (for whatever reason)… should that instructor be fired?

This has not been a good week on the academic-freedom front. 934 more words

Academic Freedom

Misunderstanding Civility and the Salaita Case

Philosophy professor Joseph Levine argues in a New York Times blog that Steven Salaita was justified in violating standards of civility in a particular tweet about anyone who supports Israel during the attacks on Gaza being “an awful human being.” Levine defends Salaita against the charge of incivility on the grounds that he believes Salaita’s views to be correct. 717 more words

Academic Freedom

The Ideal of the American University: A Primer (Part 2)

“It need scarcely be pointed out that the freedom which is the subject of this report is that of the teacher,” says the 1915 Declaration of Principles on Academic Freedom and Academic Freedom. 782 more words


The Ideal of the American University: A Primer

At its idealistic best, the traditional vision of American higher education was one of beauty, dynamism and diversity. With undergraduate students able to take courses from as many as 40 different professors, with requirements designed to give as broad a taste of intellectual pursuits as possible, with “shared governance” assuring that corporate-style top-down influence is kept to a minimum, with academic freedom keeping lock-step attitudes (even within the faculty) to a minimum and with tenure guaranteeing stability, this framework could (when it operated effectively) keep intellectual exploration expanding and students learning without unduly onerous administrative restraint. 744 more words


Academic freedom to keeping our minds alive: Addis Ababa University professors want to securing freedom

By Ameyu Etana

Wednesday December 10, 2014 or 01 04 2007

Academia is a place where construction and deconstruction of ideas takes place. Lamentably, most probably, this has long left as mere rhetoric in an old age higher institution in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University. 1,035 more words