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July 21, 1925 (a Tuesday)

On this date, the eighth day of the Scopes Monkey Trial began. Before the jury was called to the courtroom, Darrow addressed Judge Raulston, “I think to save time, we will ask the court to bring in the jury and instruct the jury to find the defendant guilty.” This ensured that the defense could appeal the case to a higher court, which might rule the Butler Act unconstitutional. 149 more words


Academic Freedom & Tenure for Some But Not All?

Recent events at the University of Saskatchewan have brought to light, the unspoken, silent developments on who ‘really’ have the benefits of tenure and academic freedom. 204 more words

Academic Freedom

Selling Us The Right String But the Wrong Yo-Yo

Back in 1962, when I was first inhaling huge gulps of pop music, there was a song by Dr. Feelgood and the Interns that would occasionally surface on Atlanta top-40 stations. 739 more words


Update from Northern New Mexico College

In its July 9 issue, the Albuquerque Journal-News reports that the administration at Northern New Mexico College (NNMC) is now complaining about being inundated with public-records requests. 897 more words


Academic freedom...within the law

As a loud mouthed gobby shite that causes endless pain and suffering to my colleagues by getting pedantic over rules and regulations and inefficiency, issues relating to academic freedom are of particular concern. 258 more words


Even superprofessors deserve academic freedom.

Over on my personal blog, I write a lot about MOOCs. You might say I’m more than a little MOOC-obsessed, but I really am trying to develop other interests. 868 more words

Academic Freedom