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Conference Etiquette (or 'Manners cost nothing: A Grumpy Academic's Guide')

I’ve been out a lot at conferences the past few months, and have a few observations on etiquette that I wanted to share. Or inflict. Or make into a Law that All Must Obey. 366 more words

Having A Rant

PhD? Oh yes, that is a thing now.

GREETINGS wordpress. I haven’t written much in the last several months (April doesn’t count). I thought it was time I’d log in and actually write an update of some sort. 769 more words

Academic Stuff

Hooktheory: Music Made Simple

     If you know me, you know I’ve had a knack for music for as long as pretty much anyone can remember.  Music makes sense to me- I can pick up a beat, hear if a note is wrong, figure out if two songs can be played together, and I can anticipate what notes or chords should come next in a song.   269 more words

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