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The greatest crime in home schooling

To measure your child academically with other children their age or even compare them to the national curriculum, this will get you academically minded and before you know it your a replica of the school… 105 more words

Building Characteristics


Don’t teach your kids ABC as names, it does nothing to develop their reading ability, they should be taught the sound they make and then this helps in the pronouncing of three letter words (saying them quickly allows you to pronounce the word) and so on. 25 more words

Useful Aids

Now, a Question of Ettiquette

Do you want the good news or the bad news?  Don’t you hate that question?  It is a little bit like that scene in Fight Club, when Brad Pitt’s character is on an airplane and asks the other guy (Was it Ed Norton?)  how he should step out and past him:  Does he want the guys crotch in his face or does he want the guys ass in his face? 831 more words

My Story

Grannie Summarizes Juliet Schor

A few days ago, I wrote a post to defend academics’ use of jargon. I argued that using jargon helps to jumpstart a discussion on a complicated topic, instead of having to start from the very beginning, and also helps to develop further our thought on the topic. 451 more words

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Is academic isolation justifiable?

I sometimes wonder about these questions: Are academics, trapped in the ivory tower, removed from reality? Do academic discussions have any meaning outside academia?  Is academia blinding? 938 more words

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Open eyes, open mind? How open access could support recognition of patient views

There’s a great post over at the LSE Impact Blog today by Jonathan Gray which makes both a practical and a philosophical argument for open access publishing in academia. 690 more words


Is Jargon Necessary?

On Facebook, there is a page called “Shit Academics Say.” One of its posts reads:


I laughed. Yes, academics use jargon. 502 more words

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