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Is academic isolation justifiable?

I sometimes wonder about these questions: Are academics, trapped in the ivory tower, removed from reality? Do academic discussions have any meaning outside academia?  Is academia blinding? 938 more words

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Open eyes, open mind? How open access could support recognition of patient views

There’s a great post over at the LSE Impact Blog today by Jonathan Gray which makes both a practical and a philosophical argument for open access publishing in academia. 690 more words


Is Jargon Necessary?

On Facebook, there is a page called “Shit Academics Say.” One of its posts reads:


I laughed. Yes, academics use jargon. 502 more words

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Git Notes

Git has three main states that your files can reside in: committed, modified, and staged.

Committed means that the data is safely stored in your local database. 104 more words

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Tenses in academic paper

It is OK to mix tenses:

eg. “From these results, Vogelsang et al. concluded that MEH-PPV/PMMA films absorb solvent and swell during SVA, and that the annealing process lowers the glass-transition temperature of the film to below ambient temperature, which increases chain mobility.”  41 more words

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Post Doc Or Not? 4 questions to help you decide.

You’re coming to the end of your PhD. You might even have handed the b*stard in. Maybe you’ve even survived your viva. You drop to the floor, let out a huge sigh of relief, wait for the trumpets to sound – but then: 2,301 more words

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The Role and Position of Governesses in the Novel Emma

I love Jane Austen. I have read all of her books more than once, and frankly I still can’t have enough of them :) I devoured Pride and Prejudice in two days, and you can probably imagine that I watched every filming of every JA’s novel. 280 more words

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