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A Day in the Life of a CUA Sophomore

Wake up, go to class, go to track and field practice, go home. That was more or less my schedule for all four years of high school. 651 more words


On New Year and New Trimester

Hey everyone ! Obviously, this is my first post this 2015. So… Happy New Year ! The greeting is long over due, and you may think that i haven’t change a thing, still procrastinating over writing a new post. 349 more words

Random Thoughts

The Rain falls

The rain falls…I thought that it would finally stop after last week but nope more rain today! I don’t know why but I continue to be amazed at how I feel when it rains. 418 more words

My Daily Randomness

First Day of Classes

A new semester is upon us here at CUA and I personally couldn’t be more excited! The first day of January classes, although freezing, is always a thrill for students. 815 more words


word: sedulous

Word of the Day


Definition: (adjective) Persevering and constant in effort or application. Synonyms: assiduous Usage: Her sedulous efforts to learn French eventually enabled her to become almost fluent. Discuss.

Next Nurture 2014/2015

One of the great things about writing a response to the nurture theme that bobs around at this time, is that it makes you look back at where you were this time last year. 482 more words

School Life

Portland: My New Home

Hey all,

I am still in California I leave the 4th of January; I can’t wait. I waited 3-4 months to come back home only to want to go back. 557 more words

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