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當進行學術期刊同行評審時,什麼是我應該考慮的倫理問題? / 如何為我的研究結果選擇最佳的研究主題以出版? (研究生英文出版投稿日報) 9/2/2014

*當進行學術期刊同行評審時,什麼是我應該考慮的倫理問題?(PART A)
*如何為我的研究結果選擇最佳的研究主題以出版?(PART B)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (226) How To Read Science News
*避免過度使用It 及 There開頭句(英文編修訓練) (3 / 11) 284 more words

Is #America stuck in the forest #hunting #monsters?

Three new ideas came to light this week; reimagining a mythic narrative as a means for getting unstuck, using myth as a way to navigate between the known and the unknown, reinterpreting the words in a myth to discover parallel narratives. 264 more words

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Leave the poop deck unswabbed, matey... just write!

The beginning of the academic year is always a crazybusy time. If you work at a teaching-intensive institution, the start of the year often feels like a time of mournful separation — with the end of summer comes the end of our scholarship productivity for the year. 1,377 more words

Productivity Tips And Resources

Top tips for finishing your PhD

Are you a PhD student struggling to meet a submission deadline?  If so, Kim Thomas’s article in last Wednesday’s Guardian may give you some useful ideas: 15 more words


College Book Report Writing Tips

Writing a college book report needs a little research and expertise. A book report requires students to present the facts of a book, article or any other source. 294 more words


當我提交學術期刊手稿時我如何寫一個有效的封面頁和說明信? / 如何為我的研究結果選擇最佳的研究主題以出版? (研究生英文出版投稿日報) 9/1/2014

*如何為我的研究結果選擇最佳的研究主題以出版? (PART A)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (225) Reading Comprehension: Scientific & Technical Terms
*避免過度使用It 及 There開頭句(英文編修訓練) (2 / 11) 353 more words

world's quickest interview, with Penelope Clearwater

Anonymous Interviewer: So, Penelope, are you ever going to post on your blog again?

Penelope Clearwater: Yes.

AI: Ok, good.  Like, when you watch another good movie, or…? 45 more words