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Let’s eat Grandma! How Punctuation can Save a Life

According to most English textbooks and instructors, the omission or misuse of commas is the #1 sentence-level error in writing. Many beginning writers overlook the importance of a correctly used comma, or insert commas as an afterthought where they think they need a pause. 603 more words

應該如何學術期刊處理中發表的研究文章錯誤歸因作者和未經授權使用數據? / 學術期刊應該如何回應已出版的研究論文剽竊指控? (研究生英文編修出版投稿日報) 12/19/2014

* 應該如何學術期刊處理中發表的研究文章錯誤歸因作者和未經授權使用數據?
* 學術期刊應該如何回應已出版的研究論文剽竊指控?
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (334) Research Poster Design: 2) Layout 269 more words

Flashback Friday:

Last week I found my first ever research methods assignment…and this week I have, to share with you, my second research methods assignment. This one appears to be more like what I would call a lab report, and is entitled: 827 more words

The Life of the Mind(-Numbing Boredom)

The professor’s job is one of constant intellectual stimulation, right? While the worker-drones populating most of society stare bleakly into spreadsheets all day, professors live in perpetual cerebral excitement as they research and teach the subjects that fascinate them—don’t they? 453 more words

A PhD student receives a rejection from a journal. Here is how she and her supervisors responded

I was talking with a colleague recently who described an interaction with one of her students who had been rejected from a journal. The response of her supervisors sounded really interesting, so I asked if she’d mind forwarding the emails onto me for a blog post. 934 more words

Academic Life And Work

The Craft of Revision

All academic writers have some sort of revision process, but that process is often either insufficient (just nibbling around the edges) or scattershot (catching some things but missing others). 1,202 more words

學術期刊應該如何對待審稿人上網張貼機密手稿? / 學術期刊應該如何處理一個發表論文的研究參與者姓名的無意洩露?(研究出版倫理) (研究生英文編修出版投稿日報) 12/17/2014

* 學術期刊應該如何對待審稿人上網張貼機密手稿?
* 學術期刊應該如何處理一個發表論文的研究參與者姓名的無意洩露?
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (332) The Research Essay – An Expression of Your Curiosity 259 more words