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Silent Sociability

One of my first tasks upon returning from my sabbatical was to run a dissertation boot camp. Although dissertation boot camps are a well-established way of supporting doctoral writers… 792 more words

Gaining a PhD is a Full-time State of Mind

Having completed my PhD in four years part-time while holding down a full-time job and juggling a busy home life was something I took for granted – it was just who I was and what I did. 503 more words

A Bloggers Group: Uniting through Writing

By Molly Wright Starkweather

Kaplan University Writing Center Tutor

One of the most unique opportunities for growing a campus culture in an online university is through… 390 more words

Academic Writing

專注於一個或兩個研究領域 / 由您的學位論文中寫成一至兩篇手稿 (在頂尖學術期刊上發表我的研究成果一些有效戰略? / 什麼是學術期刊編輯和同行評審之間通信的典型模式? (研究生英文出版投稿日報) 8/27/2014

*專注於一個或兩個研究領域 / 由您的學位論文中寫成一至兩篇手稿 (在頂尖學術期刊上發表我的研究成果一些有效戰略?
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (220) Reading Comprehension Strategies: Using SQ3R – Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review
*強有力的動詞(英文編修訓練) (9 / 12 ) 429 more words

我如何利用多元研究組合形成一種有效的策略以求在頂尖學術期刊上發表研究成果? / 學術同行評審常做的批評? (研究生英文出版投稿日報) 8/26/2014

*學術英文投稿教學影片 (219) Uploading SQ3R Notes to Moodle
*強有力的動詞(英文編修訓練) (8 / 12 )
*醫療英文論文組織寫作 (22) : (第二部分:行動) Academic publishing news 學術英文出版新聞


*對於期刊決定受理文章的平均等待可長達三年,而期刊拒絕文章的平均等待是六至八個月。 233 more words


什麼是學術期刊編輯和同行評審之間通信的典型模式? / 何為期刊評審的理想特質? (研究生英文出版投稿日報) 8/25/2014

*什麼是學術期刊編輯和同行評審之間通信的典型模式?(PART A)
*何為期刊評審的理想特質?(PART D)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (218) SQ3R Cornell Note Application
*強有力的動詞(英文編修訓練) (7 / 12 )
*醫療英文論文組織寫作 (22) : (第一部分:背景) Academic publishing news 學術英文出版新聞

什麼是學術期刊編輯和同行評審之間通信的典型模式?(柯泰德翻譯) (PART A) 298 more words


學術同行評審常做的批評? / 何為期刊評審的理想特質? (研究生英文出版投稿日報) 8/24/2014

*學術同行評審常做的批評? (PART A)
*何為期刊評審的理想特質?(柯泰德翻譯) (PART C)
*學術英文投稿教學影片 (217) Using the SQ3R Active Reading Strategy
*強有力的動詞(英文編修訓練) (6 / 12 ) 224 more words