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所期望對公司的專業貢獻 / 介紹此方案的目標 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) : 研究生英文投稿日報 4/19/2014


* 所期望對公司的專業貢獻 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART B)

* 介紹此方案的目標 (描述所參與方案裡專業興趣的表現包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART A)

* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (90) : Strengthening Your Graduate School Application

* 產品資訊之提供 : 有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件 …

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Writing Well VS Writing Well for Academia

One of my assignments for class this week was to take a couple paragraphs of any essay I’ve written this year and rewrite it, taking out 25% of the words in the process. 620 more words


Learning from the literature

reading in the sunbeam by Malingering Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License

As you read the literature, you will start to become familiar with more than just the research findings. 133 more words

Postgraduate Research

Three-Act Thesis

An analogy from film for writing an argument and developing a stronger thesis…

As a way to rethink the definition of a strong thesis in academic writing, I propose we consider the structure of another genre of writing, another writing machine: film writing. 1,229 more words

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讚美公司對專業的自我期許 / 所期望對公司的專業貢獻 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) : 研究生英文投稿日報 4/18/2014


* 讚美公司對專業的自我期許 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART B)

* 所期望對公司的專業貢獻 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART A)

* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (89) : Critical Thinking and Scholarly Writing

* 文獻資料之提供: 有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件

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General Literacy: Reminiscences of Early Days of "Writing Across the Curriculum"

Dr. Tamara Fudge, Professor, Kaplan University,  School of IT

Long, long ago, having a college education indicated that a person had attained a general literacy, which can be defined as the ability to learn about complex issues, to think critically, and to write well. 536 more words

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