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F(gr)oundation: "Prepping" is not only for Surgeons.

Hello Dear Readers,

As I am in the middle of writing essays for my own classes, I realize time again and again how the proper preparation takes away many sorrows before you start the first draft. 1,386 more words


addiction to technology

my brother is always just thinking about his friends and school council related stuff. he’s always leaving out his family and schoolwork. what’s the point of being in a good institutional school when he doesn’t have any self-discipline? 316 more words


Spelling is hard...

…but at least he was thinking logically


Frankenstein - Mary Shelley's Prediction!

1818 A young 20 year old woman publishes anonymously a novel on the brutal science experiments of a lone scientist to bring back life. Little did she know back then that one day we would indeed have the skill in the medical world to do that exact thing and bring dead tissue back to working order. 454 more words


Get away

由於那個career session 實在太太浪費時間,我坐咗半粒鐘决定走人, 去拉記寫cover letter.

Energy SIG 開完會後, 去咗Butterfield Cafe 食野, 環境好舒適😄


Thought Snack: The Root Fallacy

“One of the most enduring of errors, the root fallacy presupposes that every word actually has a meaning bound up with its shape or its components. 248 more words

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Explanatory Questions : Inferior Extremity

Explain anatomically/developmentally/histologically that:
-Tibia accounts much of the body weight. 118 more words