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J486 Project #4 Pt.1: “Swap Heads” // September 16, 2014

For this assignment, I decided to swap my friend Cynthia’s face in one image for her more happy-looking one in a similar image, using the two smaller photos above.  373 more words


How To Network in College

Network, network, network. There is so much emphasis put on the importance of networking as a college undergraduate. It’s a word thrown around so easily, but is still such an abstract concept for most students. 497 more words


Why Go to a Library Conference?

The Information and Technology Educators of MN (ITEM, previously MEMO) conference is thundering down the calendar toward us beginning the first week in October. Then, during the second week in October, the Minnesota Library Association (MLA) Conference crops up! 597 more words

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CMLE Upcoming Event List

Welcome to CMLE’s Upcoming Library Events listing. Here you’ll find important dates of upcoming conferences, webinars, training opportunities, and library initiatives. CMLE will be updating this list throughout the year so stop back weekly for updates!

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Delimiting University Numbers is Madness


Why does the government want to fill the nation with undergraduates? Nonsense politicising AGAIN. “removing the cap on aspiration”. What utter nonsense from the Department of Education and Skills in the run up to an election. 89 more words


“I’m Not a Feminist, But . . .”: Care-Focused Feminism

We hear people say this all of the time, and yet they often go on to express “feminist” ideas and could identify as a feminist. There are many reasons why people distance themselves from the feminist movement. 735 more words


Zoroastrian exegetical parables

The parable has received little attention as a form in Zoroastrian Pahlavi literature 158 more words