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Slavery NEVER happened in Louisiana

The plantation industry is a big business in Louisiana. In the past, the plantations were the breeding grounds for agricultural life in the south, today it is all about tourism. 761 more words


10 Tips to Finding Your Louisiana Roots

10. Talk to ‘ya folks!

Take the time today to speak with your family about your history. Seek out the older members to learn something new. 538 more words


Heart of Louisiana: History of Cajun culture

Acadians have been a large part of south Louisiana for more than two centuries. But some of their earliest history in the Bayou State has never been written. 654 more words


Who Dat Fans Parody

It is FOOTBALL SEASON! YES INDEED, YES INDEED. The vast majority of our readers have roots in Louisiana, but because of migration patters our families live all across the nation. 58 more words


Ceramic Acadiana Places

These ceramic Acadiana images are so giftable! You’ll find all your favorite spots & some new ones!


Lemon Coconut Cream Pie!

Fall is upon us, that is good and bad for our diets. We all know we eat more during the fall & winter months. With that being said, we have a great dessert to accompany any meal. 131 more words


Breaux Bridge...Pont Breaux--

YES!…there is an actual bridge called ‘breaux’  here in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana.  The name is written in French, Pont Breaux, on one side, and it is written in English on the other side. 202 more words

Cajun Country