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Can't Take Back Those Sins

You can’t take back those feelings
I feel numb
And you feel like I do these things to hurt you

I’m still burning those candles… 19 more words

Mustafa M. Eisa

The Case Against Acapella

Is there any college elective more bland, unsettling, and overrated than Acapella?

Acapella is the rare mix of boring and creepy. It’s what uninteresting serial killers put on their dating profiles. 660 more words

All Female Acapella Beatbox Group Is Awesome!

These ladies are insanely talented. They are called the Boxettes.

There is something really cool about acapella music. But when the bass drops in this song, I almost lost my mind.

This is so cool.


<3 Spidey Boys

So often I mutter that there seems to be less harmonies in contemporary music, even a lot of the duets, they are still singing the same melodic line, and harmony can add so many new colours and textures to music. 18 more words


Somewhere Over The Rainbow Things Got Cray

I’m back guys!! Here is another video of my favorite acapella group, Penatonix. They came together with Todrick Hall to create this awesome mash-up that I love!  10 more words


Circle of Life acapella in a subway!

I am not even going to put a really long description of what I think of this video. Please do watch it yourself. All I can say is that…THIS IS VERY AWESOME! 42 more words