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UNII Jakarta Gig (Rundown)

19:00 WIB – 19:45 WIB SOMNYFERA tampil
19:45 WIB – 20:00 WIB band selanjutnya menyiapkan set / MC
20:00 WIB – 20:45 WIB SEASIDE tampil… 49 more words



Look at the ‘Examples of links between Geography and Citizenship’ grid (refer to figure 1). Choose ONE example of a unit of work for ONE year group that you would like to develop in the classroom. 773 more words

Civics and Citizenship

‘What needs to happen in schools and classrooms for the new Australian curriculum for Civics and Citizenship to be implemented effectively?’

Civics and citizenship education (CCE) is a unique area of the Australian curriculum, as it is not concerned with solving problems such as mathematics or learning skills such as reading and writing in English. 613 more words

Jom ke Karnival Fiesta Mesra Belia Daerah Barat Daya!!

Jemputan ke Karnival Fiesta Mesra Belia Daerah Barat Daya.

Tarikh: 26 & 27 April 2014

Tempat: Padang awam, Permatang Damar Laut

 Masa: Bermula jam 8 pagi… 37 more words

Pulau Pinang

Week 7: ICT in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Choose, either, the History, Geography, or Civics and Citizenship Australian Curriculum and a Year Level relevant to your professional interest. For one of the forms of ICT mentioned in the Gilbert/Hoepper text (p.165-168) entitled ‘Useful Sources for using ICT in the humanities and social sciences’, write a one page (c.500 word) guide with examples and reference details which would demonstrate to your colleagues how ICT could be used to enhance the teaching of an aspect of the curriculum chosen. 641 more words

Geography - Sustainability

Recently new requirements in the Australian Geography Curriculum have been implemented by the Melbourne Declaration, specifically new changes to cross-curriculum educational thinking (Australian Curriculum, 2013). Learning requirements are moving to a more contemporary and culturally relevant education, even more so in the case of teaching sustainability. 340 more words


Riska's Graduation

Graduation ceremony Riska located university veteran in solo. Special thanks to Riska that has been entrusted graduation documentation to us.