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Week 8 - Lifelong Learning

The subject for week eight was Lifelong Learning. As teachers we need to encourage students to continue learning throughout the life and well past their schooling. 472 more words

Ayo AHM buat Honda Bikers Day tidak mainstream

AHM punya even nasional yang diberi nama Honda Bikers Day, bertemunya berbagai klub dan pencinta motor Honda dalam even yang dikoordinir oleh AHM selaku representasi Honda di Indonesia. 167 more words


Professor Spurr puts a ‘Slur’ on our National Curriculum

There has been much talk in the news of late about an English professor from Sydney University that was hired to carry out an independent review our… 106 more words

Learning Spaces

Using the 8 Ways in Planning Lessons

At first glance my reaction to this was, “Oh no! How am I going to incorporate this?” After sitting back and thinking about it, I realised that it’s not imperative to incorporate every single one of the 8 ways, but rather to use them as a guide for overall planning. 115 more words


Pencak Khakot dan Festival Teluk Semaka

Tak banyak yang mengetahui tentang pencak khakot ini. Tanya beberapa kawan di Bandar Lampung, mereka malah bertanya balik “apa itu khakot”. Saya juga baru tahu saat dikabari tentang penampilan pencak ini di… 251 more words