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The Hoarders Are Coming To Get Me!

The last few days I’ve been falling into a bit of a slump. I didn’t have any auditions or shows. I didn’t really have anywhere to go expect the mall, but that is never a good idea. 690 more words


"I feel like the ACE program virtually destroyed my life"

Last year on Reddit, an AMA (Ask Me Anything) about an Accelerated Christian Education school turned into a free-for-all for ex-ACE students. At the time, I  1,584 more words


Why NSC is awesome

NSC or National Student Convention (or just student convention in general) is where students from ACE schools showcase the talents that God gave them. Pretty awesome feeling every time you see students wearing their cool and cute uniforms, blazers even. 328 more words


This is how ACE treats its supporters

What happens if you write a letter of complaint to Accelerated Christian Education? Obviously, if write a letter, I’m going to get ignored, because I am regarded as nothing but a tool of the devil (and I do not use that term as a figure of speech). 2,362 more words


Ex-ACE students have their say

I am on holiday. So instead of a post from me, I’ll treat you to the thoughts of some of 2014’s commenters, both those who agree and who disagree with me. 1,674 more words


Christian Education Europe eats itself... bring popcorn!

It’s all go in the exciting world of fundamentalist education this week as former Christian Education Europe (CEE) employee Christine Gregg has started blowing the whistle… 934 more words


Weird parts of my Christian Rock childhood

Welcome to the first installment of a new series. When I named this blog “Leaving Fundamentalism” I really meant it to be a diverse examination of all the unusual parts of my bizarre Christian upbringing. 9,884 more words