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Q: does Accenture’s digital foresight continues to pay dividends?

Accenture continues to benefit from getting skin in the digital game earlier than some of its rivals.

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Fjord Trends 2015

It’s one of the most important design questions of the year: What are the most significant cultural, commercial and design challenges that our clients will fac…

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Accenture accelerates its investments in digital marketing and cloud to gain a position that will allow it to dictate market trends

By Bozhidar Hristov, Analyst

Accenture’s innovative digital vision is paying off as its aggressive execution approach allows it to stay ahead of competitors

The permeation of digital services across all operating groups, markets and employees’ skills allows Accenture to capitalize successfully on demand for such offerings from mature and emerging market clients seeking to transform IT operations and/or create operational efficiencies. 784 more words


In five years, more Americans will have smart fridges than fitness trackers

These days, it seems everyone and their moms are sporting a fitness tracker, but new analysis from the Acquity Group suggests that smart home devices, like thermostats, fridges, and security systems, will see the biggest gains in US consumer adoption in coming years. 130 more words

Q: Fjord Trends? A: For me (IMHO) the 2014 classic

Fjord’s 2014 Trends are our collective thoughts around the key trends that will impact businesses and society in the year to come.

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For me a classic

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Patient Engagement: Digital Self-Scheduling to Explode Over the Next 5 Years

Patient Engagement: Digital Self-Scheduling to Explode Over the Next 5 Years
Source: Accenture

Driven by patient demands for greater convenience and more control, US health systems are adopting digital patient self-scheduling tools to differentiate themselves competitively, improve efficiencies and enhance patient engagement and satisfaction.

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Ahana Kalyanam | Comedy Short Film 2014 Directed by Bhusahn Tiwary & Vicky Jain

This Indian Telugu/English comedy short film gives you the perfect idea of what is the problem with gender discrimination and it’s effect on future generations. 18 more words