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Everybody Is Responsible For The Environmental Situation

Everybody is responsible for all the suffering and destruction that everybody talks about. If no person would shove their “blame” aside the world would be much better. 577 more words


Fear, Sadness, Depression, & Acceptance?

When we as humans, things never seem to go quit right we develop not so fuzzy feelings. When we loose important relationships with people we care about. 321 more words

Letter Of Thoughts

This time, I'm Afraid

Written: October 19, 2014

Our everyday life is full of expectations and disappointments. Only heaven knows which one is really for which. All we need is to have a strong faith and live for each day. 252 more words

Get To Like Everyone

There are a lot people that seem not to like other persons and can’t relate to them. They are not tolerant about how others act. Do not even try to learn how the person they dislike or hate is thinking and are blocking to tolerate them. 375 more words


Morning thoughts

I’ve never asked for help, I’ve done everything for my self since I was young and when I graduate I can be proud enough to say I did it all alone, I didn’t have my parents there like I would hope a parent would be or my family but I still pushed for my goals. 77 more words


What is Love...

Love is accepting someone regardless of their flaws, love is not sitting there molding someone to be everything you would want in someone else it’s accepting that person for who they are and what they bring. 177 more words