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Accept the Compliment -You're that good!

If you’re like me, you have difficulty just accepting compliments. When someone throws a compliment your way, you might immediately try to downplay it or spark self-deprecating humor (out of a sense of humility). 31 more words

Social Life

What is Self Esteem Anyway...the nitty gritty

Let’s get one thing straight, right from the start. Self esteem is NOT feeling happy, perfect, and amazing about yourself all the time–that’s being manic, FYI. 435 more words




Acceptance. Acceptance is when you stop fighting and let it happen. Acceptance is when you let it all go and follow where it goes. But Acceptance is not giving up and letting yourself spiral into depression, no. 785 more words

More than a glance, a kiss or a touch.

She said she listened to me cry my heart out with all the thoughts that were there in my mind. I talked about all my lies, my dark side, the sacrifices taken and given, the life that I had and the life that I want. 314 more words

The Inevitable Goodbye

We are constantly reminded that our existance in this part of life is miniscule, tiny, just about the blink of an eye.

We’re here for no more than a millisecond of this earth’s life, how does that reflect on how we live? 160 more words

Simple Views Of Existing

The Ultimate Defence

If they’re rich, they’re unhappy.

If he’s handsome, he’s unfaithful.

If it’s healthy, it tastes bad.

If she’s organised, she’s crazy.

If he has it all, he must have something missing. 98 more words


"O" is for...

I try to live life openly. Open-minded.

To new ideas.

To those whose opinions are on the opposite end of the spectrum than mine.

To an alternate, unfamiliar way to reach an end to something. 147 more words

Faith And Spirituality