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And then it clicked. I was not unhappy because of the piles of work accumulating on my desk. I was unhappy because even if I finished everything,and cleaned everything, and solved everything, the scars will still be there…

Spilled Thoughts

Surviving the holidays when your religious beliefs are different from your family's

I was going to write this entire background to how I got to where I am now with my family and life, but it occurred to me that the how isn’t important (or indeed what you’re really interested in hearing about) it’s the what I’ve learned that matters. 1,254 more words

Guest Bloggers

The Masks That Hide Me

It’s so interesting how different events work together to push us toward something that we’ve perhaps been running from.

Several things have happened today that have made me really realize that I need to finish writing a book I’ve been working on. 508 more words


Excellent Quote on Expectation with Image !!

“ What is Stress? It’s The Gap Between Our Expectation & Reality. More the Gap, more the Stress So Expect Nothing & Accept Everything.” ~ Author Unknown… 11 more words


Only up from here

Sometimes we need to take a step back in life and look at the good things that we have going for us. I have been trapped in such a negative place for the past year that I thought it would never get better; but all I needed was for someone to tall me to sort my shit out and to look at everything that I have going for me. 173 more words


3 Golden Tips To Use Against Any Of Lifes Challenges.

Challenges, we can’t get away from them, we can’t avoid them, in fact it is unhealthy to try to do both of these.

Challenges are just a part of life, they can come in the form of a parking ticket, a difficult colleague or boss or client at work, troubles with a friend or loved one, an illness or money problems etc, whatever it is, these things happen and will continue to happen throughout life. 546 more words

Don't Fight the Power

Why does everyone care about power so MUCH!!!

I scream in the cage of a little room at my computer because it is the only one that listens to me. 846 more words