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When 'plus-size' hinders more than helps

A friend of mine pointed me to this MSN article from a few weeks back, ostensibly about plus-size models who are helping to change how the world sees beauty.   587 more words


Truth and Dare

I never played the game Truth or Dare when I was younger.

As a teenager, the Truths I lived in were unbreakable chains that kept me from living in authenticity.  291 more words


Fractal Enlightenment | Conscious Relationships: Accepting Others as They are

Nikki Sapp

“Surrender is not giving up, but a giving over to what is true in this present moment. And the moment I accept what is, something begins to shift within me.”- Unknown… 9 more words

Peace is possible

My whole life I have battled. I have merely survived. But now at 35, I am learning to thrive by finding peace. It doesn’t happen all at once, it is hard won, like so many other things in life. 626 more words


Back From Haitus and Hopefully Into Grace

I was trying to find a perfect song title to tie this all in from one of the 90’s top Boy bands, but that idea got stale pretty quick. 719 more words


Finding the Extraordinary in Ordinary Time

Hidden in plain sight.

Sometimes that’s life’s challenge. To recognize the beauty, the sacredness, the God that is right in front of me. Has always been there. 404 more words



so exhausted from worrying. still doubting, dear one. trust instead.

Right Brain