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Fat Activism Conference!

So there’s a Fat Activism Conference happening this weekend!  It’s totally online, and it’s totally affordable!  And included in the conference fee is access to recordings of all the sessions, in case you need to miss a few or can’t log in over the weekend. 103 more words


Why sound like you’re offering me a choice, when you’re going to do what you want anyway?

Standards, boundaries, rules…whatever we wanna call them. Ever notice when we are trying to uphold some new ways of being, allowing and saying okay to certain things, that a backlash occurs?

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But She's So...

I’m sure all of you have one, an amazingly hot gorgeous friend, that is. Every time she posts a bikini selfie at the beach I cringe. 285 more words


The Reality of Sufficiency

so easy to accept the reality of sufficiency. for now, enjoy the feeling of enough: for now is all you have. all you need.

Right Brain

The world isn't ready for fat bodies (but fat bodies are ready for the world)

I was out with a group of people last night that involved alcohol and unfiltered conversation.  At some point, we were talking about the different effects that different sorts of alcoholic beverages have on us, and one coworker commented that when he drinks tequila, he inevitably ends up naked.   913 more words







If nothing new is written, the absence is noted by a few.

When reports are polished and gleam with the sheen of community bias… 88 more words