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Affirmation or Discovery?

Achieve or Acquire?

Motivate or Inspire?

Be or Do?


Lose Yourself to Find Yourself

So despite finding out I had walking pneumonia yesterday, I had quite an amazing day. Why was it amazing you ask? Because I was at peace, that’s why. 165 more words


What Is Forgiveness?

When this song first became popular, all it could make me think of my was my aunt. Yes, the song describes a nasty breakup, but it completely described how she treated me. 651 more words


My Untamable Mane

My hair is another animal in itself. When I was a child, my hair was pin straight. Then somewhere along the line, things began to change. 193 more words


Foxy Mendoza the Earl of Suave

He went by the name Foxy Mendoza but was neither Foxy or had any ethnic background that warranted then sir name Mendoza. The last time I saw him we was going by Mitchell Smyth-Robinson. 681 more words


When platitudes start to make sense

When the Peanut was born, people would tell me all number of platitudes. The most common from nurses and hospital staff was that the Peanut “is not her diagnosis”. 327 more words

Special Needs