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Welcome to Your New Body

I was recently diagnosed with pelvic organ prolapse. I won’t go into exactly what that means, but suffice to say, some of my organs aren’t where they used to be. 599 more words

Jon Kabat Zinn

Sexual Abuse and Bob Jones University - Part 1

A story that I don’t think received nearly enough attention in the popular press was the 300 page report, released by a third-party Christian organization hired by Bob Jones University, which underlines the many ways in which they failed students who disclosed sexual abuse to university authorities. 3,337 more words


Don’t Be Afraid To Be The Big Girl At The Gym

As I sat on the mat, Lycra-ed legs, sports bra-wrapped boobs, I looked around and immediately noticed it: I’m the only overweight person here.

It’s funny how you can work yourself up for a great workout class, and immediately become deflated the moment you step in the room. 630 more words


It's time for the holiday oppression wars again

As an Atheist, I have mixed feelings about the winter holiday season.  On one hand, I like having some time off from work without obligations.  And presents can be fun.   976 more words


Do You Remember?

Remember how we used to talk over the phone until the wee hours of the night, until we couldn’t talk anymore because we were too sleepy, even then we still tried to speak because we wanted the moment to last longer? 197 more words

Pirate Cove

"Be known for what you are for, and less for what you are against."

I don’t know about y’all but I love Twitter. Twitter allows us to share some great ideas, network, keep up with celebrities, all sorts of wonderful things! 304 more words

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