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Limitless Solace

Loving Kindness offers limitless solace. All you have to do is accept it.

Right Brain

Writing is the best therapy and it's free!

I’d be working, or studying sometimes just relaxing and listening to music and I’d think about her dying. It would pop into my head, and dominate my thoughts. 574 more words

Coping With Death

Paying people for weight loss is not a good solution

Apparently the UK has come up with a brilliant plan to pay people for weight loss.  The quote study done by that Mayo Clinic that shows that incentivized subjects lost more weight than subjects who did not get an incentive.   483 more words


I broke my promise…

I broke my promise to myself that I would not run for the week after the marathon.  Well, today I broke it!  And you know what?  325 more words


Reigning In

relax the reigns of control today. better for you and your blood pressure! 

Right Brain

It's Tiring To Write People Off...

I get tired of people writing other people off.

I listen as they speak volumes on the negative qualities possessed by the person who apparently tortures them. 838 more words


When 'plus-size' hinders more than helps

A friend of mine pointed me to this MSN article from a few weeks back, ostensibly about plus-size models who are helping to change how the world sees beauty.   587 more words