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Mourning and regret

I didn’t call my friend as promised. Last week I canceled our phone call too. I feel bad about it. How do I feel when I think I’m bad? 395 more words

Personal Growth

Who's Crying Now?

I had a good cry last night.  Some seriously built up frustration and fatigue poured from my body.  The cleansing wore me out and clarified some things I’ve been holding onto. 889 more words



The car trip felt inescapably long.

I sat in the back, tensely watching traffic. We couldn’t be late. I wondered if we had enough time – I didn’t want us to get there too early, waiting was not an option. 1,998 more words

Finding a Way

still much anger there. it’s of self-service to liberate yourself from these negative, poisonous feelings. find a way to accept — then you can forgive them & yourself.

Right Brain

April 17th ~ Be Patient; Wait

Do you like what you’re reading here at my blog?
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Daily Devotional

Self Acceptance. The Biggest Struggle!

For years I thought a state of perfection was attainable..and that once I reached it, my life would work. I would be okay and could then accept myself. 125 more words


Chance meeting... part 2

Neither one of us said anything for what felt like an eternity. I was still in shock. And I had no idea what Sean was thinking. 267 more words

Gay Dating