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Radical Acceptance

My mom always thinks that I’m going to drop out of University. When I was dating my ex, she always predicted that I would become pregnant and leave school. 201 more words


Empower Yourself

“Alright everybody, thanks for coming out. This is going to be the last song, ‘Goodbye My Lover’ by James Blunt”. 

The large group of family and friends that came out to support me clap and cheer. 420 more words


Shaming Femininity?

This story starts out with a Facebook conversation I was having the other day with a friend. The conversation started off like any other: inquiring about each other’s day, asking how we’ve been, and talking about our dating lives. 820 more words


When I hear, "Why Am I So Stupid"

I say, “It’s because you want to be.”

I’m not trying to sound jerky. The truth is, WE look for situations to fulfill our rather unhealthy beliefs about ourselves, when…

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

I have been trying to wrap my head around this one for a while: all suffering is illusion. I was reintroduced to this concept as I was reading Lesson 284 in ACIM. 609 more words


A Solution for Finding Lost Stuff.

When you pray, whaddaya pray for?

Me? I’m an atheist.

Cool. So whaddaya pray for?

I told you; I’m an atheist.

Okay by me. So, whadaya pray for? 146 more words



I’m so sorry I ever doubted you
Though sometimes it doesn’t seem like it
But I’m really really glad to be proven wrong by you yet again… 42 more words