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Less Than Two Weeks

I haven’t posted the last few days because things have been pretty busy. Last Wednesday night I had intent to practice my talk for the following night but I had a bad migraine so after working for a brief time I turned in to try and make myself feel better. 409 more words



Opportunity: a favorable junction of circumstances, a good chance for advancement or progress, well according to Merriam Webster that is. I think a better definition would be “an event that suddenly pops into a perfectly good and well planned life like a nail in a tire.” (Yes I just quoted myself). 1,330 more words


Discipleship: A talk and perspective

Good Evening Everyone.  It’s been a while since I have joined SYA community in prayers and religious meeting such as this.  So …. Hi, Hello, and nice to see you again. 2,309 more words

Write Ups


Courage doesn’t always roar,

Sometimes it’s a quiet voice

That says “hold on”, when your plans don’t soar.

It’s about standing up for who you are; 69 more words

The Root Chakra

Root Chakra
This is the first of the 7 major Chakras
(researched and written by Carol Gallegos)

The Root Chakra is the foundational center of the body. 872 more words


Strength In Learning

The way you deal with things, not what you deal with, determines your strengths.

Embrace every challenge, learn and grow from them and don’t allow them to bring you down. 192 more words

My Challenge to ALL: Speak Less, Listen & Feel more

  When another person musters up enough courage to talk to you about their suffering: LISTEN, ACCEPT, and EMPATHIZE for them DO NOT try to “one up” them with something that has happened to you or someone you know. 197 more words