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The pain sets in and I didn't cry, I wonder why.

Another journey has ended for me and I’m writing again.

It’s funny how my last post (now deleted, of course!) were about celebrating love and happiness, and only a few days later, it all comes to an end. 198 more words



How do you become good at something, so good that everyone (those you know and know you) recognises you as the best of the best? 199 more words

"LIFE JUST FLOWS" (Mental Health)

When you stop fighting things and just live, breathe and try your best to treat people right, life just flows. It’s that simple.

I suppose that’s where a lot of my turmoil comes from – fighting the inevitable, fighting myself.

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So What is God Really Like ? (Part 2)

Continuing on from the last post, So What is God Really Like, below are some more truths to combat the lies we so often believe about God. 1,501 more words

Identity In Christ

The Rest Of You.

Untie the knot and soften your glare

What you think is there is not.

What you thought was writ as laissez-faire

Was read but green with rot. 64 more words


I love Yuri, does that make me a lesbian?

Before I begin, if you’re unsure about what Yuri or Yaoi is, please check out my Otaku guide here, as it explains everything you’ll need to know about them as well as familiarizes you with general terms I may be using in this post. 1,054 more words


To those who were left behind

In an ideal world, everything is in accordance to the processes of how we believe things should be. People give reasonable explanations before saying goodbye. People actually say goodbye in the first place. 363 more words