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Gone With the Wind

Took a gander at that old familiar face

Couldn’t see any thing reminding me of anyone

A memory, a story, an inflection, supposing

like a battle-scarred warrior, trauma patient… 89 more words


7 Smart Ways to Survive Your Emotions

Imagine how your life would be if you were able to consistently make objective choices. It is believed the first thing you would have to do is change the recording in your head.  570 more words


Reflective Moment 'Friends Of Our Lord'

We should enjoy the fact that Jesus is a friend of ours. But he would remind us that we did not choose Him, indeed He says that He chose us {John 15 verse 16}: Amplified Bible; 202 more words


It's complicated

Jake has settled in well but I do bloody miss having him around, I think that’s part of my next struggle, I guess I just need to accept he is ok, I just wish he would always answer a text, but hey why would he change the habit of a lifetime? 339 more words

Parent Of A Transgender Child

If it were always breakfast, I would be fine

I wish the whole day were like breakfast, when people are still connected to their dreams, focused inward, and not yet ready to engage with the world around them. 74 more words


Easy you out of me

Life had been nasty

I could not feel any gravity

Looks like no one needs me

Why should I try?

Why should I breathe?

I wish loving could be easy… 177 more words



I don’t want to be jaded by the bad things that happen to me.
I want to rise above, keep a soft heart. Let things be. 190 more words