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Acceptance. A tenant of Vedantic practice, a necessary component of any yoga devotion, be it Karma, Bhakti, Raja or Jnana. Non-acceptance is a form of addiction. 1,184 more words



Change is not a hobby.

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Ego and No Room for the Struggle

As I sit in front of this screen today struggling to make a meaningful entry in my sadly neglected blog, it occurs to me that I haven’t left any room in this seemingly infinite space for my less attractive feelings. 170 more words


Today I went to McDonald’s for dinner. I do that a lot, sometimes. I thought I was just cranky and it was PMS, and I could feel a bit of neuroticism and anxiety rising up in me, seeming to confirm it. 969 more words

Under Pressure

Today I have picked August Writing Prompt#16.  Do you ever feel pressured to be perfect and have it all together, even when you don’t?  Let’s hear about it. 1,076 more words


Teaching to love and cope

I haven’t blogged on here in a bit due to being sick from my spinal condition. However, it’s given me time to think, which I don’t like to do much of because thinking too much takes the inner calm in me and bounces it around. 275 more words

Not Back To School and Other Terrifying Realisations

This coming September is the first Back to School season in seventeen years that I have not had school to look forward to. You read that right, seventeen years of nonstop education. 441 more words