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U is for Unconditional

To love unconditionally is to accept the person you’re with for all their flaws and love them no matter what, to obey without question to keep the husband happy and pleased wile disregarding your own happiness, dreams and aspirations. 395 more words

A To Z Challenge [2014]

Reflection on Anger and Aluminum Cans

I always look forward to Thursdays. That is the day I have the pleasure and privilege of teaching a writing group at Siteman Cancer Center. It is one of those gigs that fills me up so much I can’t believe I actually get paid to do the work. 502 more words

And The Vampires Strike Again..........

Yet another blood test…. For what? I ask The answer ”               “.

Oh and an ECG, I can figure that bit out. The worst part? From Now till 9:00AM tomorrow I can only ingest water, and only small sips at that to stave off thirst. 161 more words

A Day In The Life


“I desire to be worthy of Your love.”  I mused this morning.

Hmm. That’s a wrong thought. Of *course* I am worthy of His love. Not because I have done anything to make it so. 272 more words

Pebbles - Discipleship

Time, Oblivion, and Acceptance

I have been thinking about you lately. And I’m just really tired and I wish that I could just forget you in an instant ever since that day you left but I can’t because I am still so deeply and hopelessly in love with you. 283 more words


Change your perspective and things will change!

Traveling in Southeast Asia has dramatically shifted my perspective on many things. Not surprisingly, I am seeing changes in all areas of my life. Even more magical is the fact that I had completely released all worry about all of these things. 730 more words