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My heart's desire

From places deep within my cobwebbed heart
I lay my shame before you,
And leaning, ask to rest against your soul.

Once bestowed with strength disguised in icy calm… 87 more words


Friday Happy Dance

It’s time for the Friday Happy Dance! This week I am showcasing Meghan Trainor’s “About That Bass”. I heard this song yesterday for the first time and it instantly made me happy! Enjoy…


Healing the Wounded Child

As the wounded child heals, he learns to accept all people – even those whose behavior was evil towards him. He develops a greater understanding of others and for why they behave the way they do. 46 more words


Don't Think Too Much!

I hear so many stories of misunderstandings or feelings of contempt in couples due to “over-thinking”. The old saying “Sometimes less is more” rings appropriate in these situations. 10 more words


Hating suffering?

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Hate is an incredibly powerful word.  The feelings encompassed by the word are sharp and full of pain, anger, anguish.  561 more words

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From my parenting blog... thoughts on love and hate.

25. Don't have regrets.

I’ve never been someone who has regrets.

I don’t know how I reached this guilt-free weightlessness but I rationalise it thus:

1. Life is too short to worry. 162 more words


The Candy Haunting of a Compulsive Eater

I remember the rush of excitement as the cascade of shiny color spilled out of my pillowcase sack on to my bedroom floor. I would methodically separate the loot into its categorical piles: chocolate, suckers, hard candies, chewy cadies, chips, gum and then the miscellaneous pile of disappointment that usually included a toothbrush (we had a dentist in our neighborhood), a couple of pencils, an apple, some coins and homemade popcorn treats. 504 more words