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9 Ways CollegeSphere Helps Kids Get Admitted to their "Perfect-fit" College

CollegeSphere Consultants Lead Students Through Unique and Individualized College Planning Process

Kristin Edwards is an Independent Educational Consultant and the CEO of CollegeSphere in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. 110 more words

My Recent Writing Success Is Definitely Spoiling Me

All the recent writing success I’ve been having lately is definitely spoiling me. I found myself reflecting that it had been a while since I had gotten an acceptance. 117 more words

Posting College Acceptances on Social Networks

I’m so happy for all my friends and classmates that have gotten into their dream schools, or even their second-choices.  I love seeing so many people be extremely excited because, being an AP student and seeing so much of the hard work, sweat, and tears that go into being a competitive student, my friends deserve to be happy and deserve to go to the schools they’ve worked so hard to get into. 380 more words

Wrapped In White is Out, and it's Me Day!

It’s me day! Wrapped In White is available now at Amazon, B&N, and Apple so I’d you’re looking for some ghost story action, be sure to check it out. 117 more words

The Facebook Update

-Insert mini-rant here-

Truthfully, honestly, everyone hates those people who post all their college acceptances online. I mean, don’t get my wrong, Facebook is a great way to keep track of your friends and update them with your life, but I feel that all of February and March on Facebook is a bragfest. 247 more words

College Acceptances

As college acceptances roll in, our seniors come over to the college office to fill up a star naming where the mighty letter of acceptance came from. 43 more words

College: The Next Step in Life

During March, us seniors are eagerly anticipating our decisions to the colleges we applied to. Accepted? Yay! Rejected? Life sucks.

But come May 1st, when we have to submit our SIR (Statement of Intent to Register), you may get a feeling of awesomeness but also a tinge of sadness. 291 more words