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Exciting News ^^

Hi hi everyone :)

I just got some really exciting news! Yesterday I had my acceptance interview for the university and I got accepted!

But that’s not the only exciting news… My friend (the one who got me into kpop) had her interview for the same study course today and she got accepted too!!! 106 more words

"...a weighty price to pay for academic recognition."

“We have seen countless examples of universities, colleges, and seminaries chartered with a strong commitment to orthodox Christianity, only to erode first into liberalism and ultimately to secularism. 110 more words

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Let it Go

You can choose to let your mistakes define you, or you can choose to let it go, move on, and leave the past in the past. 207 more words

Go design your own college!

It will probably be better than most colleges we have today. Seriously.

Imagine how you want your classrooms to be like. How big are they? Are we all sitting down in a lecture-room style looking at the front of the class? 1,268 more words

Taylor Swift Challenges Friends To Take ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

Challenge accepted! Taylor Swift was recently challenged to take the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS by multiple celebs and fans, and she took the offer and passed with flying colors! 78 more words

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The perils of having a shy bladder

As some of you may know, I’ve been in the process of finding a job to support myself enough to move out. Luckily enough, I’ve been offered a part time position at a pet store, and another part time position at a drug store. 336 more words

Pacsafe StrapSafe 100 TSA Accepted Luggage Strap

Reviews Pacsafe StrapSafe 100 TSA Accepted Luggage Strap for Sale

Please take a few moments to view the Sale Pacsafe StrapSafe 100 TSA Accepted Luggage Strap… 122 more words