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Small steps...

The anniversary of the first moon landing came and went again, with that epic fast food drive up sound of Neil Armstrong’s great quote,

On the Fountain family planet, we had some steps small and great. 311 more words

Care Giving


There are moments when you find you have a need. You do all you can and still need help. So you ask for it.

And then there are other times when you second-guess this system, not because you haven’t done all you can do—you have. 108 more words

Upside Down Kingdom

When the hurts take over

Getting hurt isn’t limited to caregiving. All people suffer stuff that leaves marks on our bodies, thoughts and emotions. For caregivers, however, hurts seem to compound because we have to stay in the situation that inflicts them, and stay in it for long stretches of life. 720 more words

Care Giving

Warning Signs

At the beginning of a relationship, an abuser will always say the jealousy is a sign of love. He/she may question you about whom you have spoken to or seen during the day, may accuse you of flirting, or be jealous of time you spend with family, friends, children or hobbies which do not include him/her. 265 more words

Appropriate Behavior

Let someone help.

I’ve often written about getting out there and using your gifts for the benefit of other people.  Lending a hand, assisting your neighbors, being there for your brothers and sisters. 203 more words

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So important to not only cry out in need, but accept help too! Great post by Kate Bortell.

5/28/14 Morning Musing: The Ministry of Accepting Help

Last fall, I was sick and feeling terribly with some sort of throat-nastiness (I think that is the medical term for it) and my sweet girlfriend brought me all the stuff to make a yummy and boozy hot apple cider (apple cider, honey vodka, the works!) Anyway, this sweet gal is always the first one to volunteer to help others but she won’t let anyone do anything to help her out. 459 more words