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More Lifestyle Changes…

I’ve been trying to get this thing written and published for 3 days now. It’s getting absurd – I keep getting sidetracked or just fall asleep. 1,582 more words

Asking for Help (9-22-14)

Today’s Parenting Tip:

DECIDE:   It’s OK to ask for help.       

PRACTICE:   Ask for help today.  When someone offers the help, accept it willingly.

Relax and tell yourself, “You deserve the help.”  Thank the person. 96 more words

Parenting Tips

Who was that masked man?

Or woman.

We received a very kind note and generous gift from a reader, thanking us for one of our recent posts.

The person was anonymous… although the postmark was from ’round these parts. 30 more words

Care Giving

Why me?

In the course of a longer conversation, Melissa said, “I know you don’t like all the care giving stuff you have to do.”  

There was no arguing the point; she was right.   447 more words

Care Giving

Accepting help and the lessons you learn

Here’s a “newsflash” for those who know me:  I’m not good at accepting help.

It’s not that I think I have all the answers or am invincible. 625 more words

At the gas station

I was filling up my car the other day, and decided to go into the convenience store to get a bottle of water.

A young Black woman was coming up at the same time.   331 more words

Care Giving

Katie to the Rescue!

Have you ever had one of those months where you get a mouse in your kitchen, your stove breaks, you’re pregnant during what feels like a heat wave (and wearing charming compression stockings that make you look and feel about 80), the leftovers get burned and set off smoke alarms late at night, and on top of it all, your back goes out? 397 more words