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At the gas station

I was filling up my car the other day, and decided to go into the convenience store to get a bottle of water.

A young Black woman was coming up at the same time.   331 more words

Care Giving

Katie to the Rescue!

Have you ever had one of those months where you get a mouse in your kitchen, your stove breaks, you’re pregnant during what feels like a heat wave (and wearing charming compression stockings that make you look and feel about 80), the leftovers get burned and set off smoke alarms late at night, and on top of it all, your back goes out? 397 more words


Stinky Anniversary

Wow! Just got this notification.

Thanks for visiting our blog over the last two years.

We hope that blessings for you have lurked in our thoughts and stories here. 10 more words

Care Giving

Small steps...

The anniversary of the first moon landing came and went again, with that epic fast food drive up sound of Neil Armstrong’s great quote,

On the Fountain family planet, we had some steps small and great. 311 more words

Care Giving


There are moments when you find you have a need. You do all you can and still need help. So you ask for it.

And then there are other times when you second-guess this system, not because you haven’t done all you can do—you have. 108 more words

Upside Down Kingdom