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Diagnosis and Identity

I’m sure that there must have been studies on this, and maybe at some point I’ll return to this topic when I’ve done some research and found out what other people with MH issues, and the academics think. 719 more words



I read a heart-warming post on Facebook this morning. A friend reported that a neighbour’s tree had fallen over and caused some damage, but it was beautiful to see how the community had pitched in to help, sawing and chopping and carrying the tree away to a truck, bit by bit. 125 more words

Dr. Who moment, minus the time travel

I made a run to the market this morning.

As I pushed my cart somewhere between bread and frozen stuff, a store manager came up to me. 521 more words

Care Giving

Who Anchors You? (K.Blais)

My life has been a bit tumultuous lately – nothing extremely drastic, just a lot of continuous stress at work, deadlines with the course I am taking, and tons of running with the busy schedules of our lives. 868 more words


Free Market Autism

“Mr. Monte will fix the computer.”

Thus spake Joey from the hallway. Mr. Monte is a real person. He’s a friend of the family who is an IT professional. 217 more words

Care Giving

I dream of Joey

Joey was away for a couple of respite nights at a group home. Melissa and I planned to take a trip and visit some friends, but stuff of a maximum suck nature came up at work. 528 more words

Care Giving

Sailing Away

I joined Lyn Thruman‘s October Writing Challenge: Writing the Wisdom of the Soul. I am expanding, evolving, shining, and taking the reins in my journey. 343 more words

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