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Learning to Let Go

We all deal with issues in our lives where we want to hold on to someone or something. Sometimes we want to hold on to the past because of what it represents, especially idyllic memories of childhood. 827 more words

Debbie A. McClure

Stress response exists....

…with or without a name.  From the age of 5 to 45 I had no name for the physical, emotional, and spiritual response that I had to living.  480 more words


Creativity as the Key

What could unlock the paralysis that some feel in regards to embracing change?

I’ve just read an article on left brain/right brain processing and as a creative person, this has me pretty fidgety…I have to throw an idea out there..it goes like this… 153 more words


The delete button

A bad film Deleted
My music deleted
My contacts deleted
Digital mistakes deleted in a moment

My mistakes are here
Corrected in a minute
In an hour… 34 more words

children beg for time...


hatsu yuki ya asaebisu suru kado kojiki

first snowfall–
early morning at my gate
a beggar

by Issa

beggar’s bowl,
chased by the autumn wind, 52 more words

Haiku & Other Small Verse

Day 25: Family

This post is long over due. October 31st 2012 I wrote Day 4: A Look Ahead and I mentioned fourteen terms I wanted to discuss. As I know I have not been the most up to date Blog host over these past two years, writing is still a passion I hold. 639 more words

The Fixer

I recently discovered something about myself that probably everyone who knows me has known for years and for some reason never bothered to tell me – I’m a fixer.  772 more words