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OpenKey launches mobile application that opens hotel rooms with a guest’s smartphone

OpenKey launched its free mobile application that allows keyless entry to hotel rooms via a guest’s smartphone. 312 more words

Google reaches settlement with troll victim

Since 2011, an unknown internet troll has allegedly been lying about UK businessman Daniel Hegglin, calling him – among other things – a Mafioso, a Ku Klux Klan sympathizer, a paederast, a “bribed worm”, and a “Naziterrorist principal of murders”. 344 more words


Give your assets and employees excellent protection by installing a Progeny Access Control system

When it comes to buying quality, innovative and technically advanced access control products, Progeny Access Control is the premier choice Progeny is the brand designed and manufactured byBSB Electronics Ltd,  which is a company renowned for introducing an innovative collection of… 74 more words

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Using Roles for Access Control is not RBAC

I hear this kind of statement all the time:  ‘We use Roles/Groups for access control in our systems and applications so we’re RBAC’.

My response is an emphatic:  ‘No – using roles for access control is not Role-Based Access Control!’ 417 more words

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API Protection with OpenIG: Controlling access by methods

Usually, one of the first thing you want to do when securing APIs is to only allow specifics calls to them. For example, you want to make sure that you can only read to specific URLs, or can call PUT but not POST to other ones. 352 more words


Poly-Control's danalock smart lock support both Bluetooth and Z-Wave

Poly-Control’s new smart lock offers both Bluetooth and Z-Wave compatibility and works with iOS and Android smartphones. 276 more words


Identiv, Nice Systems join Fido Alliance

Identiv and Nice Systems this week became the latest members of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, which is shaping global standards for simplified user authentication beyond passwords. 168 more words