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SPDiag 'Access Denied' when creating a new Project

SPDiag (installed as part of the SharePoint Admin Toolkit) is a great tool to troubleshoot potential issues in SP2010.

However, after installation (and despite being Farm Admin) you receive an ‘Access Denied’ message when trying to create a new Project through the GUI. 142 more words


Error: Access Denied while try to connect of EP

Go to site setting and add the user in the People and groups under Users and Permissions

Preventing the deletion of g.cs file when one tries to save the changes

Whenever one tries to make any sort of changes in the web part, the changes are also updated in the the g.cs of the web part. 136 more words

All Exchange 2013 Servers become unusable with permissions errors


The title might sound a bit scary but this one was actually a pretty easy fix. It’s a lesson in not digging yourself into a deeper hole than you’re already in during troubleshooting. 819 more words