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Meru Announces Two New 2x2 802.11ac Access Points -- Including the World's First Gigabit Wi-Fi Wall Plate - WSJ.com

Meru Announces Two New 2×2 802.11ac Access Points — Including the World’s First Gigabit Wi-Fi Wall Plate

Wi-Fi Leader’s Expanded 802.11ac Portfolio Sets New Industry Benchmarks for Deployment Flexibility and Price/Performance… 54 more words

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Raspberry Pi + XBMC + wifi AP

A cél egy médialejátszó építése volt. Ehhez vettem egy Raspberry Pi -t. Ezen egy Debian alapú oprendszer fog futni, és nem csak médialejátszásra fogom használni, hanem ezzel kiváltom a második wifi routert, tehát wifi AP -ként is fog működni. 1,795 more words

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Extricom answers Wi-Fi challenges set by education providers

This month, we speak with Haim Rapoport, VP Marketing and Product Management at Extricom about their enterprise Wireless LAN system and why it has been successful in Education. 654 more words


WiFi flu

Researchers in Liverpool have developed a computer virus similar to the common cold. The virus was designed to aid the researchers in developing intrusion detection systems for the WiFi access point. 29 more words

What do Network Admins Really Need to Know About 802.11ac Wireless?

By: Dustin Baker, Senior Systems Engineer at Trusted Network Solutions

Wireless history, if 802.11a was a two lane back road, 802.11b/g was a two-lane highway, 802.11n was a freeway, then 802.11ac is the Autobahn. 664 more words

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Indoor Access Point

MR16 Dual-Radio 802.11n Access Point.

The Meraki MR16 is an enterprise class, dual-concurrent 802.11n

access point designed for high-density deployments in large offices,

schools, hospitals, hotels and large retail stores. 44 more words

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OutDoor Access Point

Ruggedized, outdoor cloud-managed wireless LAN

The Meraki MR58 is an enterprise class, single-radio 802.11n cloud

managed access point designed for deployments in harsh outdoor

locations and industrial indoor environments. 96 more words

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