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Series: The Future of Digital Content

Phoenix Labs is a home for experiments in collaboration and content. What does that mean? Well, content is stuff, specifically the stuff of media. Books, websites, movies, music, newspapers (yeah, they still exist), and all that. 383 more words


If Everyone Wants Preschool, Why Isn’t It Growing?

This entry is cross-posted to The National Journal’s Education Insiders blog in response to the prompt “If Everyone Wants Preschool, Why Isn’t It Growing” from Fawn Johnson: 337 more words


Tech Tuesday! Wii, PlayStation, or Xbox? It's all at the Library

So, I came across an article being shared through Twitter on Sunday morning from the Metro newspaper. Saskatchewan libraries are now taking on video game rentals as part of their collection, in fact have been since 2012 in Saskatoon, and has seen great results from it. 213 more words


5 Menit Lebih Dekat Bersama Microsoft Access – Pembuatan Database dan Tabel – Bagian II

Pada artikel sebelumnya, 5 Menit Lebih Dekat Bersama Microsoft Access – Pengenalan – Bagian I, telah dijelaskan pengenalan awal tentang Microsoft Access. Pada artikel kali ini akan dipaparkan lebih lanjut mengenai teknis pembuatan database dan tabel pada Microsoft Access. 601 more words