Simple Faux Pearl Earrings

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

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Support Help For Heroes with a parachute cord and silver From Soldier To Soldier bracelet! Genuine Endorsed Product. Prices start from £39.50: http://www.identityonline.biz/products/From-Soldier-To-Soldier/962


You Won’t Believe Your Eyes With This Beautiful Magnifying Pendant

Jewelry has made a comeback, especially vintage and antique pieces. Beautiful and ornate, there are so many gorgeous pieces to accessorize with.

The lovely Vintage Magnifying Pendant… 100 more words

Product Spotlight

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Lovely & sparkly, explore our shiny new Calvin Klein shop-in-shop at Derby! #CalvinKlein #Watches #OfficialStockists


Reminiscing Vintage Fashion

Here’s a confession. I have a fetish for print ads and if it’s vintage, then voila, you’ve got me! Not that I don’t like the ads printed and oh so creatively designed in today’s time, it was the sepia tone, the mist of yesteryear and the red pouts that just sways me off my feet. 352 more words