The Blazer: Ultimate Power Piece

The Blazer is a fashion staple that has undergone an evolutionary change to become what it is today: the ultimate power piece. From its original function as the finishing touch to a professional business ensemble, to its current place as a sassy statement jacket, the blazer will always have a place in the modern woman’s closet. 216 more words


Candy Wrapper Flowers

Hi everyone! Once upon a time I went to a parade with my family.  The people in the parade were throwing candy to everyone, I saved all of the non-ripped wrappers for DIYs. 214 more words



The totally IN right now- Ombré necklace is so easy to make… :D

Designer/Maker: Little Magic Pieces

Dovile is a stay-at-home mum of two beautiful daughters. She wouldn’t call herself a designer, but she has always been creative. From an early age Dovile can remember transforming her old pair of jeans to a hippy handbag decorated with beads, tassels and sequins. 103 more words

Designer Maker