Retro Design by Babette Wasserman

Love vintage #retro inspired design? These Babette Wasserman #Vespa #cufflinks are so cool! Only £68 – sterling silver and fine handpainted enamel!


Fall Fashion | Scarves

I love scarves! I think they are such a cozy way to spruce up a fall outfit. I’ve been seeing a lot around town lately and it’s gettin’ me in the mood! 42 more words


New In the Shop-Badger Mask for Adults

The latest addition  to the  shop’s adults’ mask section is Badger. In the photos it is featured by a young and handsome gentleman but it is available in women’s size as well.

Dress Up

Product Review: Jolly Moggy by Rosewood Sparkle Cat Collar Review

This collar was very well made, the material is really solid and I’m sure it’s durable enough to last a few months at least. Mao seems to find it comfortable, I’ve had no crazy meows like when we tried the flea collar. 197 more words


Jewel of the day: Patricia Locke Premiere Necklace

This necklace by Patricia Locke is made of silver (not sure if that means sterling) and …. mystery stones. I am never sure why websites (particularly good ones like The Giving Tree, where this can be purchased) don’t provide information on metal content, stones, weight, finish, length/size, etc. 29 more words


My Handbag + Essentials

When Rue La La asked me to do a “what’s in your handbag” post, I wasn’t sure if my content would be suitable since I don’t carry an arsenal of girl items (contrast to what many may believe) but everyone is different right? 441 more words

Jireh De Jose

The ultimate obsession with Indian fashion ♥

Some of you may think it’s weird, I know.
But, it’s just so beautiful.
So colorful.
Full of Beads.
…… And so HAPPY.
I mean its colors, beads, fabric, accessories and everything about it makes me happy. 186 more words