Celestron Digital LCD/Camera Microscope Accessory (44430)

This innovative microscope accessory allows you to view specimens or objects on the LCD screen which provides comfortable viewing for individuals and small groups. The digital camera allows you to take snapshots or video. 10 more words

[Guide] Accessory Combinations

The ideal combination will ultimately vary depending on your overall play style as well as whether you are aiming for PvE or PvP. But if you are thinking about purely damage output from a PvE perspective then it is apparently better to combine 2 + 3 sets rather than going for a full 5 set of a certain accessory type. 67 more words

Tera Online

Mini Polymer Clay Accessories!

Hey everyone! Lately I’ve been experimenting with clay and making things like the pictures above! Yes, they’re made of clay. And they’re actually pretty small. The bottle of mints is actually around an inch and a half and the cookie is about an inch wide. 61 more words

Favorite Accessories from H&M Conscious Collection

Tribal Patterns, Embroideries, beads, embellishments and metal details are my favorite. I recently wrote a post about my favorite pieces from the H&M Conscious Collection. Here are my favorite accessories from H&M Conscious collection.  15 more words


Mid Century Modern Valet

This is a mid century modern valet with a woven seat, solid wood hanger and valet tray, and drawer.

1 Available: $155



My latest obsession lies in these ring-bracelet-hand-makeover. Do they have a proper name? I don’t know but they’re super beautiful and new! I believe this all started in the far east, particularly in India as Indian women are huge on beautiful and extravagant jewellery. 111 more words

Accessory of the Week - Becksondergaard Feather Print scarf

We love this zesty punch of colour worn on a Spring morning, adding a pop of colour to an outfit, and a great investment for the Summer a head. 18 more words