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Accidental Holiday Traditions: Good Fortune

Today’s guest blogger is Mari! She is a blogger, editor, and just all around awesome person.  She blogs here and here

He who knows that enough is enough will always have enough. 474 more words



My husband sells beautiful cat ring holders on ebay (here if you want to have a look (unfortunately only available in the UK)). Sometimes they do not stand quite right because they are a fairtrade handmade products. 119 more words


Accidental Empires How the Boys of Silicon Valley Make

Silicon valley is a special place, a place where dreams come true. What makes silicon Valley different? Why is it so entrepreneurial? Why do start-ups sprout like weeds here? 320 more words

Of Jackie Chan Operation Condor 2 The Armour

Japanese dragons have three toes. The japanese although all dragons originated from Japan. They also believed that when the dragons depart Japan and head north, they achieve toes. 323 more words


Ben Bailey Road Rage Accidental Ornithology Practical

This could in turn lead to minor to serious injuries and even death.

Road rage is an extreme form of aggressive driving that is causing accidents not only on the streets of Los Angeles but the whole United States. 165 more words

Guest Blogger Series: Accidental Christmas Traditions

Today starts a series of posts by guest bloggers. I am blessed to have some great blogger friends. Also, holiday traditions are important, but some are not carried out for generations and generations, some come around just by accident. 463 more words



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