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July 30, 2014

I remember when I first started walking, my sense of accomplishment and the feeling that I was doing something good, finally, for me.  

I think I want to get that feeling back!

The first hike.

Alright, so, now that my obligatory introductory post is out of the way, I can start writing about my hikes!

As I said in my previous post, Miles and I went hiking in Gatineau Park on Monday, July 21. 721 more words



I’ve spent the whole summer excited to work on projects around the house. Actually, I’ve been trying to work on home projects for the past four years. 240 more words

Enjoying the break

I broke up from work last week for 6 weeks (I’m a teacher). Most mornings, I get up with my husband and go for an early morning walk. 166 more words


Thoughts at 1:08 a.m

I want to be a totally different person. It’s not that I hate my life, it’s just that I think I could be in a more successful and happier life. 155 more words


Will Nevada Join States That Ban Revenge Porn? | KNPR

Hi all,

After the tremendous success in seeing legislation criminalizing Revenge Porn passed in Maryland, I took a much-needed media/posting/writing hiatus.

I have returned and had the pleasure of speaking on KNPR’s State of Nevada radio show to discuss the issue of Revenge Porn legislation in Nevada. 202 more words

Online Harassment

Galloping or Inching

Progress is progress I tell myself on a regular basis – whether by inches or gallops.  I need this reminder because inches don’t feel like progress, especially when new things get added on faster than stuff gets done.  411 more words