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Alter Your Future

Accepting life’s problems doesn’t prevent you from altering your future. Dealing with what is allows you to make life what it should be. Malcolm Quillen


“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.”  –  Leonardo da Vinci


On Accomplishments

I’ve been thinking a lot about accomplishments (and the goals that seem to go hand in hand with them.) My life has been a bit crazy lately and, in an attempt to get things at least a little back in order, I seem to have become a bit of a listomaniac. 361 more words


20 40 insight

A 5 day blog here

Greetings from snow country on this fine April day. It was a 4×4 or stay in the snow bank day.     While the grand kids are playing soccer in central USA we are still ice fishing in North West Wisconsin. 250 more words


Sunday quiet time

Usually on Sunday afternoon if I can’t be outside I like to retreat to our guest room and catch up on my ironing.  This winter I procrastinated and let it pile up and I had my laundry hamper filled way beyond capacity.   367 more words



Leaving behind those unproductive things that we spend so much time and effort on can bring immense freedom.

That certainly includes our bad feelings. As we continue to grow spiritually and emotionally, the words “I feel” should become a memory since our feelings usually have very little to do with reality. 662 more words