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Opinion - How the Fed got from eternity to here - FT.com - John Gelmini

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Like Dr Alf, I wonder.

QE, which basically means the electronic equivalent of printing more money, can have good short term effects but in the long run it means that the value of the currency being “quantitatively eased” will fall. 405 more words


It's time to discuss 'equity' instead of 'accountability'

There’s no word that a political candidate could utter in regards to education that causes me to turn into a raving lunatic faster than “accountability.” 535 more words


Define your boundaries

Define your boundaries

If you’ve never read Dr. Henry Cloud’s book on boundaries, you should spend a few bucks and do so immediately because that book has the ability to change your entire outlook concerning relationships. 718 more words

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The power of words

Proverbs 18:21

The power of life and death are in the tongue…

Even from within the framework of our small, finite understanding, we can easily observe this principle at work all throughout the Word of God. 123 more words

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Oregon Governor Falsified Ethics Document

His First Squeeze isn’t the only one of this pair with ethics issues. He gave the recently-admitted felon an office in the state capital, from which it appears that she conducted her “green energy” consulting business, using her title of “Energy Advisor to the Governor”. 129 more words

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Accountability regimes

In a new book review at JCA, Warwick University’s Juanita Elias reviews The Politics of Accountability in Southeast Asia: The Dominance of Moral Ideologies by Garry Rodan and Caroline Hughes. 232 more words