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First attempt to close in on a challenging topic: Torture

There will be more entries, don’t how how many initially, yet.

Here is how I want to begin:

In 1976, I became a police detective trainee. 1,217 more words


Error Is For the Little People

This saying is often true, which makes it both funny, and not.

We laugh at first because it changes the second part of Alexander Pope’s famous quote from 1711. 539 more words


The Plan

If I have learned one huge lesson in life, it is that nothing ever goes according to plan. This stands true on a small scale and on a large one. 597 more words


Noblesse Oblige - An Open Letter to the NYPD and Community Leaders

There has been a lot of controversy – and make no mistake, regardless of one’s stance – our Country, and New York City particularly, need to make a move towards unity or the worst will only be to come. 2,026 more words


Doubling the Penny

Weekends, especially around the holidays, tend to take me off my routine which makes it harder to have the will power that I might have in  my “normal” weekday life. 537 more words


Teachers thrive in cultures of professional respect and learning

In all of this talk about accountability in schools, policymakers sometimes lose sight of the real accountability that takes place at the teaching and learning level. 411 more words