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Andrea Gabor: What Deming Could Teach the Education Reformers

Andrea Gabor, who is the Bloomberg Professor of Business Journalism at Baruch College, is an expert on the life and philosophy of W. Edwards Deming. Deming has been widely credited with reviving the Japanese economy, as well as major American corporations who listened to him. 639 more words

Corporate Reformers

Quality of Life Emerges Out of Our Decisions

Recently, an auditor evaluated the company I work for to approve us to perform work to their workmanship processes. During the close out session, the auditor made a comment the struck a chord.  486 more words


Ornament #23 - Dr. Who Tardis {30 Days of Christmas Ornaments}

Ornament #23 – Dr. Who Tardis

According to Brownielocks (a website dedicated to Bizarre, Crazy, Silly, Unknown Holidays & Observances) today is Dr. Who Day.  November 23, 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of Dr. 645 more words


Proverbially speaking. Outameni goes out a body, and who's pulling your plonker?

Jamaicans are well-accustomed to proverbs, and many people live by them. I know that not everyone is consumed by the news that appears in the newspapers, on radio, or on television. 500 more words

The Leadersh*t Position

Who’s your driver today?

Boy, it has been a helluva year AND we’re still not done yet.

I have no statistics but observation alone tells me that the last quarter of the year is usually chock-full of articles related to leadership, management and strategy issues. 325 more words

Self Improvement & Values

Adventures in Faith: HeliSkiing

Then Jesus said to His followers, “If people want to follow me, they must give up the things they want. They must be willing even to give up their lives to follow me.” …

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