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back on track...again

I have a real ┬áissue with food cravings – and general laziness. Well maybe not laziness per say, but after a long day I want something easy – I want something I don’t have to cook…I have been in a fair amount of pain lately so even taking some time to do some prep stuff on the weekend it tiring and just not happening most of the time. 115 more words

Weight Loss

Weekly Workout Re-cap catch-up

I missed posting my weekly workout on the 19th because it was a work holiday for me, and honestly, I didn’t want to be behind a computer on a gloriously sunny day in January. 254 more words


It's Come to This

It’s come to this. Schedules and lists. I swear if someone doesn’t remind me to do even a simple task, like take out meat to defrost, I forget. 214 more words

old habits

So right after I started off again wouldn’t you know, my damn period started. I get it pretty bad, cravings too, and of course I gave in because food makes me feel better. 8 more words

Weight Loss

Being Accountable Sucks

Accountable. I’ve always looked at is as a good thing. I consider myself accountable to many things, my hubby, my kids, my family, my friends and even my employer. 212 more words

Why A David won client of the year...

Because they have an unerring passion and commitment that embraces change – not just for those around them but for themselves too.

Because they know that the job is never done and that business thrives through growth. 101 more words