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Sept 15, 2014

Morals. A rare words it seems in today’s society. It was once an honorable thing to be moral or have morals. They were sought after and considered more valuable than jewels and wealth. 489 more words

Day 5 / 90: On Track and adhoc Salad!

So here is Day 5/90:

  • Food – tracked :)
  • Fitness – Rowing warmup 10mins, 35mins strength training, 10min incline walk with 37lb bag – 656calories…
  • 427 more words

The Adolescent Church - or It's Time to Mow the Yard

By now you have heard it said that the “church” refers to the community or members, not the building.  This is not news to most people, and it seems silly to reiterate it.   1,618 more words


Confronting Believers in Christ

Accountability is important in the spiritual development and growth of a believer in Jesus Christ. There are Biblical ways to help in this process and hold other believers accountable. 475 more words


A year has passed , sadly off plan

I am sad that a year has passed and I am not on plan at this point. I am ready to get back on board as I am so tired of being wiped out, not feeling my best and at almost my heaviest weight again. 445 more words

Living Low Carb

Once You Were Responsible - Rich's Rule # 8

Once You Were Responsible – Now You Are Accountable

Once upon a time you were hired to do a job.  You took responsibility, did the job well and advanced in your work, department and organization.  148 more words


How to be a credible information producer online?

In this vast cyberspace, every one has the power and opportunity to tell, speak, give opinion, spread truth or lie, fact or fiction. It is not that hard. 838 more words