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Tax Inversions: An Introduction (Pt. 1 of 5)

One of the biggest discussions taking place right now in the world of tax accounting is the concept of “tax inversions”. Over the next five months, from October to February, I will be looking at this controversial and heavy topic.

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The past few weeks have been sad and a bit stressful. Trying to finalize my schedule for next semester and I’m still not sure what I want to even take. 95 more words

Accounting: It's About More Than Just Numbers . . . And Stuff

People often give me an amusing look when I tell them that I’ve chosen to major in accounting. The look consists of a blank stare as the information processes. 291 more words


Rental of Retail Man and Ezi Accounting

Ezi Solution are pleased to announce that Retail Man and Ezi Accounting can now be rented as an alternative to purchase. Rental may be more attractive to start up businesses. 38 more words


The Economic Hurdles of the Malbec

“The Economic Hurdles of the Malbec”
Analia Carrasco
Dr Samli
International Marketing – Fall 2014

Problem Statement

Malbec’s major threat is Argentina’s vulnerable economy.

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Passions Matter

For my business communication class we were required to start a business related blog for a grade. I’ve enjoyed the assignment so I thought why not start a blog where every post didn’t have to be about the intense, scary, professional business world. 646 more words


How to start and maintain your blog as an accounting professional

To blog or not to blog?

Many accountants may feel that writing a web-based log, or “blog,” is unnatural or awkward. After all, they’re numbers people who are more inclined toward balancing complicated budgets versus writing witty prose. 992 more words