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Celebrate Rejection

Many students and professionals fear the word “No.” Several years ago, when I was just starting a direct sales job, I felt the same way.  That tiny two-letter word used to terrify me, and it certainly gives pause to many salespeople, professional services providers, and, yes, accounting students. 637 more words

One, Two And Three

It was an afternoon
with a sleep all too soon
sat on to work with accounts
went mostly wrong in all counts.

One, two, three I counted diligently… 92 more words


Tax Laws, Deadlines, Oh My!

It’s that time of year when we tax preparers are checking our supplies, making sure our programs are up to date and do year end closings. 379 more words


14 Ways Accounting Can Make You Rich

#1 : Sir John Templeton: “Invest at the point of maximum pessimism.”

#2 : “Raise the deductibles on your motorcar and residential insurance.”

#3 : For simple federal tax-exempt wealth transfer, make $14,000 annual gifts to kids and grandchildren. 180 more words


16 Best Entrepreneurship and Business Leadership Articles of the Year

“Guaranteed to encourage and inspire, these popular posts on entrepreneurship and leadership are absolute must-reads.” -Inc.

1. Mentally Strong People: The 13 Things They Avoid… 1,016 more words


Recommendation That can help You Handle Your Track record

Many people go into business not realizing that one mistake can cost them dearly. Your reputation is everything, and knowing how to manage it is vital in order to succeed. 1,095 more words


Nobody Needs an Estate Plan, Exit Plan or a Buy-Sell Agreement

But their families and survivors do.

Estate plans are done so that the remaining family members can have liquidity, minor children will have guardians of your choosing with a dependable cash flow, children won’t fight over the money, people of your choice will collect and distribute assets and make transfers in an orderly manner and estate and inheritance taxes can be minimized as can the costs of settling the estate. 169 more words