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A dream invades the firmament

I see bubbles bursting and undulations

The need to make sense hits me like a ton of bricks

The night steals away with all of it… 129 more words


My Life as a Stranger


Lifting up hands in greeting

And to show they are empty of weapons

Pieces of distrust flit between us

Unfounded suspicions, and bits of hope… 560 more words

Guest Blog: Nic Miller's 'Adjustment Disorder'

My Adjustment Disorder – a move from Mexico to England

It only takes the scrape of a wheel against a cement curb  or the sight and smell of roadworks, dust and tar and eviscerated road sounds coming from underneath my car to send me back. 1,059 more words

Guest Blog

Art Versus Politics

Art is seeing through and making what we see visible to the rest of humanity.

Politics is the process of power-sharing (or not sharing, as the case may be.) 225 more words

Human Nature

The Silence Between Us

The room is always cold
when my mother turns on the light.
It’s too early, too bright
and my temper is relentless.
My voice is hoarse as I tell her to go away. 114 more words


Mimesis in metal : the fate of Greek culture on Bactrian coins

Holt, F, “Mimesis in metal : the fate of Greek culture on Bactrian coins“, in Moorton, R. F, Titchener, F. B. (eds), The eye expanded : life and the arts in Greco-Roman antiquity,  Berkeley 1999, p. 97-104. 

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